Textio Hire Now Works Your GMail and LinkedIn Messages

SEATTLEApril 2, 2018 — Textio, the developer of the world’s first augmented writing platform, today announced the release of Textio Hire. Textio Hire uses data from real hiring outcomes to optimize the language a company uses across its hiring teams, measurably increasing response rates from both passive candidates and active job-seekers.

Textio Hire will help companies reach the additional people not actively looking for jobs by improving the way companies write cold emails to candidates. Current approaches to cold outreach are not cutting it. Only 5.2 percent of Americans have responded to a recruiter message in the last three months.

Companies can use Textio Hire’s augmented writing platform to find meaningful language patterns in their emails that will measurably improve response rates. In a pilot of Textio Hire, with Johnson & Johnson and Zillow, both companies saw their response rates to cold emails skyrocket by 25 percent and 16 percent, respectively. That measurable improvement has a significant impact on their hiring pipeline. Textio Hire will be incredibly powerful for any company that wants to make headway in hiring the best during one of the tightest job markets in history.

“With passive candidates you only have one shot. You get just one message to get a person to pick their head up and engage their interest. And with that message, you’ve got to be able to differentiate your company from hundreds of others reaching out, ” said Annie Rihn, VP of Recruiting, Zillow Group. “That’s where Textio Hire comes in. It gives my team the language that is statistically proven to attract great candidates and improve our response rates.”

“We are in a job seekers’ market, and yet many people aren’t looking for new work. Companies are looking for competitive advantages to reach these people who might not be actively looking for a job. You can’t hire someone who doesn’t apply to your job post, or interview people who won’t respond to your recruiting outreach,” says Kieran Snyder, Co-founder and CEO of Textio. “Companies who are using Textio Hire to write to candidates have a huge advantage, because they know ahead of time which language is going to resonate.”

Textio is the first platform that makes a specific and measurable promise about what will happen if you write with it: more people will apply to your job post, and more candidates will respond to your outreach. The augmented writing platform predicts how people will respond to written content, and shows writers exactly why, allowing them to make measurable improvements before a document is ever published. Textio Hire is the first set of applications on the platform, focused on recruiting, and offers augmented writing for both job posts and recruiting mail. With the addition of recruiting mail, Textio Hire can statistically improve response rates from cold emails to passive candidates. Starting today, Textio Hire is available in LinkedIn Recruiter and Gmail. Through a simple Chrome plugin, recruiters can seamlessly weave the knowledge of Textio’s predictive engine into their workflow.

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