The Best Cold Email

By Shawna Armstrong

Here’s another article about sourcing outreach.  The ones I’ve written and shared in the past have usually been from the email authors’ point of view – Sourcers, Recruiters, and Marketers advising on what is sure to work best based on their open and response rates.  This one, however is written by Jon Torrey, the recipient of a particularly good email, one who is bombarded with such solicitations on a daily basis and ignores 99% of them.

Here he shares his point of view on why it was so good, why he opened it, why he loved it, breaking it down line by line.  He adds an additional perspective regarding the actions he took after reading it, and the likely outcome for the real ROI. 

This particular email was ultimately marketing an app, but with a little creativity, the concepts can be translated to job marketing.  I’ll remind you again and again until I’m blue in the face – the hook is not “Exciting Opportunity!”

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