Netflix Series Explores Meaning of Work for Modern Americans

A new Netflix series from former President Barack Obama’s production company, Higher Ground Productions shines a spotlight on work, the inherent dignity of work and “that sense that everybody...

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Eliminating workplace factionalism: What leaders can do

Although it’s more commonly referred to as “tribalism” in business, workplace factionalism is a more precise phrase when discussing problems resulting from “us versus them” mindsets. That’s because “factions” tend...

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Pride Month: 6 Ways to Show Up for LGBTQ+ Colleagues

Get ideas on how to serve as an ally for your LGBTQ+ colleagues and plan for a successful, action-oriented PRIDE Month. Read Complete Article

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If You Say One of these 11 Phrases at Work, Prepare to Be Sued

One of the purposes of good Human Resources is to prevent lawsuits. But your HR person and your employment attorney don’t follow you around all The post If You Say...

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What is Conscious Inclusion?

Inclusion-based workplaces have advantages. Including improved employee emotional well-being and retention. So, how can you practice “conscious inclusion” at...