Greenhouse Launches New Inclusion Technology to Improve Diversity

New Solution Called ‘Greenhouse Inclusion’ in Partnership with Paradigm Champions Diversity & Inclusion, Reduces Bias Across the Entire Hiring Funnel

NEW YORK (April 3, 2018) – Greenhouse, the fastest-growing enterprise talent acquisition suite, today announced the launch of Greenhouse Inclusion in partnership with Paradigm. This is the first holistic tech solution which helps companies scale inclusive hiring practices throughout the entire funnel from the first point of contact to offer. Developed in partnership with the diversity and inclusion experts at Paradigm, and with input from professors at Stanford and Indiana University, Greenhouse Inclusion enables companies to operationalize behavior change, minimize bias, and help companies create a stronger business by building more diverse teams.

Today, leading organizations see diversity and inclusion as critical to every aspect of their business. Diversity and inclusion enhances employee engagement, improves brand reputation and drives financial performance. According to McKinsey, companies with more diverse teams see bigger profit margins than their rivals; its most recent report, “Delivering Through Diversity”1 show that companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity on their executive teams are 33% more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile. Likewise, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 21% more likely to have above-average profitability than those in the bottom quartile.

“The problem is not that companies don’t mean well – many companies have good intentions but are facing challenges when trying to realize their visions,” said Maia Josebachvili, VP of Marketing & Strategy, Greenhouse. “What we’ve seen is that companies often focus on a few targeted strategies, but struggle to incorporate inclusive behavior across the organization in a holistic and lasting way. Greenhouse Inclusion will create a level playing field for candidates of all backgrounds by giving employers the ability to operationalize and measure the behavior change needed to mitigate bias in all aspects of hiring.”

“Diversity and inclusion persists as one of the most pressing workforce challenges of the day,” said Kyle Lagunas, research manager for Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition and Engagement at IDC. “Greenhouse continues to invest in supporting modern best practice with technology with their latest offering, Greenhouse Inclusion. Talent leaders are looking for practical solutions to complex problems, and the concept of structured hiring as a method to reduce bias has demonstrable impact in this area. Greenhouse Inclusion is a smart, straightforward approach to reducing unconscious bias and enabling richer evaluations, and is designed to operationalize more inclusive practices in hiring.”

Greenhouse Inclusion employs a combination of human input, digital automation and sophisticated analytics to scale more inclusive hiring practices with the goal of creating stronger, more diverse teams. The platform’s features were developed in partnership with Paradigm. They include:

  • In-the-Moment Interventions throughout the hiring funnel help to significantly reduce bias. By highlighting the most relevant information for interviewers, anonymizing tests, and using well-timed “nudges,” — developed with Paradigm’s team of experts — during the hiring process, Greenhouse Inclusion prompts recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers to disrupt unconscious bias and promote inclusive practices.
  • Structured Decision Making features promote that every candidate is evaluated consistently and fairly. This makes the hiring process more standardized and accountable at every stage, limiting irrelevant information or hidden bias from impacting candidates and recruitment.
  • Candidate Data & Analytics allows HR teams and recruiters to identify problem areas during the hiring process, as well as track progress and success of methods. More data will help organizations improve diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the applicant and candidate funnel.

Greenhouse has also introduced an advisory board to guide the launch and evolution of the Greenhouse Inclusion product moving forward. The board includes academic and industry experts:

  • Mary Murphy, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and Associate Vice Provost of Student Diversity and Inclusion at Indiana University
  • Joelle Emerson, CEO of Paradigm
  • Shelley Correll, Professor of Sociology at Stanford University and Director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research and the Center for Women’s Leadership
  • Candice Morgan, Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Pinterest

“Greenhouse Inclusion represents a complete shift in the way organizations operationalize their hiring processes in the pursuit of greater diversity,” said Daniel Chait, CEO & Co-Founder, Greenhouse. “Increasingly, companies understand the benefits of a more inclusive and diverse culture and workforce. This is directly tied to performance and results. What we’ve done with Greenhouse Inclusion is deliver a standardized and accountable process that will unlock those benefits.”

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