7 Mobile Apps for Efficient Recruiters

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As a recruiter, you’re constantly on the move, which means you need to have an easy-to-use tools at your hand that will make your recruitment process stress-free. In a fast-paced business environment it’s important to address opportunities swiftly and take immediate action. We ventured out on a hunt for mobile apps that will make you an efficient recruiter and we found seven gems that will simplify and mobilize the hiring process.  

Now it’s easier to access resources from your enterprise and make decision on the go. You are able to mobilize your entire recruiting team in order to hire the top candidates with a few swipes on your smart phone. Close the deal without worrying about your location, and where you will find the perfect candidate.

The entire process of recruiting, which includes making decisions, approving offers, improving interviews and giving feedback, is faster and location independent. No matter where you are, you can always participate in real-time conversation and keep the hiring process moving at all times. You can access comments, questions and resume of potential clients in order to prepare for the potential interview, as well as add immediate feedback right after the interview itself.

InstaJob enables you to take a photo of your business, and create a visually appealing ad in an instant. Each photo will have a career site URL that will connect candidates with your website, directly from the sites where you posted the ad. You can take pictures of your office and showcase the work environment to your candidates. Overall, it’s an app designed to get you more clicks and traffic, by being able to share visually alluring ads on social media in an instant.

Talent Xray lets you utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter to find top talent candidates, without even logging into each platform. Simply enter keywords into the app, and get valuable search results via search engine Bing. You can save your search for later to share with your team and discuss potential candidates.

With this convenient mobile hiring app you’ll be able to balance your hectic business schedule with the recruiting process. One of the greatest benefits for all recruiters is being able to swipe through digital portfolios of each of the candidates, getting insight into the name, cover letter and resume of each of the candidates. With just one tap on the client’s name you’re able to send them a message and take the conversation further.

Leaving feedback can be done right after the interview, and you can also include your team into the conversation to see how they rated a particular client. Voice feedback is also a possibility.

Another useful feature is approving new jobs and offers directly from the app, where you will get insight into starting date of the project, salary and additional comments related to the offer.

The point of difference for this mobile app that sparks great interest is the video interview option. You’re able to interview on the go, without having to move around things in your busy schedule. You can share candidates with clients via email, enabling clients to watch video interviews and discuss them with you.

Create a digital library, which you can access anytime you need a candidate, and create custom tags for each client and candidate for faster organization. Your days of endless shuffling through papers and files are over. Your entire account is connected via email so you’re never going to miss an update about a job offer or a candidate.

This is an app made by recruiters, for recruiters, undeniably having advantage over all other apps, because who knows better what recruiters need than recruiters?

Not only are you able to track down top talent and hire candidates that are best for your business through an easy process of selection with clicking and swiping, you’re going to maximize your ability to get a higher return on your investment and increase margins. Your data is going to be safe and secure, because the app is built on a cloud platform, salesforce.com. Because the app entails a large variety of small and large business worldwide, you’re more likely to find the right candidate for you.

With their motto being ’Win Business Anytime Anywhere’, it’s hard not to be intrigued by what their app for recruiting has to offer. They differ by having an applicant tracking system, packed with information about candidates, companies and offers, which they can simply take a glance at before a meeting to catch-up on information, and add information in notes after the meeting.

Some of the advantages of using BullHorn Mobile app includes searching for new and reviewing existing candidates, creating and viewing notes on the go, checking your email and calendar so you don’t miss meetings and appointments, and last but definitely not least, display client and candidate maps in order to get driving directions. For those interested, it’s compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones.

The focus of this app is on organizing and preparing for interviews on the go. You’re able to design the entire interview with a candidate, without restrictions, as well as track the progress of multiple interviews at the same time. You’re equipped with more than 250 existing questions, to make your preparation process faster.

Other benefits include being able to take audio or text notes during the interview itself, and store it for later analyzing, as well as syncing your account with Dropbox to add images to certain clients or candidates. This app is all about the interview, giving you the option to create full profiles of your candidates, track profiles that are relevant to you, edit, and design your interviews with multiple-choice questions, questions templates etc.

If you’re looking for a time-saving, efficient and reliable way to improve your hiring experience, these mobile apps will definitely enable you to get the most out of the process, on the go. Be productive and resourceful even when you’re out of the office!

Author’s Bio: Rachel Bartee is a marketing consultant at EduGeeksClub who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger. She is constantly looking for the ways to improve her skills and expertise. Her life principle is “Always do more than you can”. Get in touch with her on Twitter.

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