Twitter Recruiting Tips #3

Most recruiters don’t take full advantage of what Twitter can do for them. This blog series will give you basic insight into leveraging twitter in your recruiting department.


Sourcing – Search

One of Twitter’s best features is the ability to source and engage talent. For this purpose we recommend using the advanced search form to find the candidates you want. Generally speaking, Twitter users are more web savvy and approachable than those not on Twitter.

For example, if you wanted to find “graphic designers” in Austin, Texas you might enter a search like this;


The results you get look like this. Note after your initial search press the “Accounts” tab to just see profiles only.


BONUS: Recruitem is a free online tool to help you also search twitter. Talent Xray is a three dollar app that does the same.

In the next post we’ll show you how to save/curate these profiles.


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