Ep 97 – 3 New Emerging HR Technologies #hrtechconf

It’s no secret that the HR and talent acquisition technology industry is growing. In 2016, HR departments are not just adding new technologies and systems but are anticipated to invest an additional 25% more of their time and resources. Sixty-four percent of those same businesses are planning major business initiatives concerning business improvement process with many of those happening in the HR and talent acquisition department(s). This data comes to us from the most recent HR technology systems report from Sierra-Cedar.

Episode 97: 3 New Emerging HR Technologies

In this special series for the Workology Podcast, I sit down with 3 HR tech founders and CEOs for 10 minute lightning interviews. I’m talking with some of the most innovative and emerging technologies in our industry. Many of those I’m interviewing won’t be in the expo hall at the HR Technology conference in Chicago, IL, next week. You can speed date and get to know these CEOs and founders on my podcast and be exposed to some of the most amazing new HR tech that is changing our industry. Welcome to our third annual emerging HR technology podcast episode series.

Meet Felicia Moghadam of Sity (@feliciamoghadam)

Felicia has a masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and has experience in executive coaching as well as HR operations and organizational work. She started Sity because she wanted to solve some of her own challenges which was how can she share her experiences, skills, knowledge and talents with her managers and business leadership. Useful to employee and employer with a focus on employee development. Sity is a new way to share information between employer and employee by assembling and disassembling teams more easily making companies and teams more agile.

For HR and business leaders, there is nothing harder than improving employee engagement, building teams and helping employees and their leaders find a way to discuss an employee’s professional career aspirations. Sity provides a way for innovative companies to customize a community and platform that uniquely aligns with their company values while focusing on feedback, goals, skills and performance 365 days a year instead of twice during the annual review process.

Meet Eyal Grayevsky of FirstJob (@firstjob)

Eyal Grayevsky is the CEO and Founder of FirstJob. Eyal’s background has agency recruiting roots and about a  year ago, he and his team created one of the first bots for recruitment and hiring called Mya. Mya is an artificial intelligence bot used to engage candidates and job seekers. Mya is a machine that is designed to replace a human function but not replace or completely automate recruiting. Mya is equipped with natural language processing allowing her to understand language and with machine learning. She serves as an assistant and augments the recruiter function allowing recruiters to be more effective. Is it weird I’m referring to a computer as a “she”? I don’t think so and I’m pretty excited that bots are moving into improving the efficiencies of recruiting and HR so that we, as professionals can focus more on strategy, business and results.

Meet Bryan Franklin of Holometrics (@bryan_franklin)

Bryan Franklin is the co-founder and CEO of Holometrics. Bryan’s experience is lengthy and impressive as an executive business coach to many fast growing CEOs and founders in Silicon Valley including LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman. In Bryan’s work he started to track executive team promises to determine if and when it will actually come to fruition. Bryan says executive leaders have a short memory by the time we execute we forget the conditions to which we promised it. He has the ability and technology to predict whether the promise or business belief will occur.

Founded the company to provide insight to measure alignment across metrics and those initiatives using a holograph and a 360 measurement. Discusses risk factors, executive bandwidth. Alignment is expressed in behaviors. Agreement is expressed in conversations and discussions. Strategy itself is not aligned with the brand. Strategy doesn’t line up with the momentum of the company. Becoming an alignment champion.



*A special thank you to my production team at Total Picture Radio.


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