Content Ideas for Employers

content ideas for employers

If you know how to highlight them correctly, your employees are a great source of content. Below is a picture of a Maine restaurant that I happen to visit recently and after following them on Instagram I noticed this post. It’s a simple yet effective way to show off your workplace to potential candidates.

[bctt tweet=”Most employers have plenty of content staring them in the face. But few seem to have the understanding how to leverage it for employment branding.” username=”recheadlines”] The team at Tenable┬áhas recently begun publishing it’s own video stories that highlight life at the cybersecurity firm. Here’s a playful one that they recently created.

Follow them on Facebook to get a better idea of their efforts. If you are looking to up your content game it helps by following and emulating those who do it well.

I recommend employers who want to get better at generating content put together a content calendar so that they can organize and consistently publish relevant content.

But what else should they create? Here’s 12 more pieces of content that you can and should be sharing with potential candidates.

1. Your Hiring Process: tell them what to expect and how it works.
2. Employee Stories: ask them what they like about working for you.
3. Company news/awards: don’t be afraid to toot your own horn.
4. Videos: of your office in action.
5. Pictures: share your office surroundings and employees as they work.
6. Advice: for example how to impress your recruiters.
7. Benefits/Perks: tell them what they get.
8. Onboarding: welcome new employees as they join your team.
9. Industry News: educate your candidates with what’s happening in your industry.
10. Why: list of reasons why people should work there (see #2 for help with this)
11. Jobs: but job listings should only be a tiny portion of what you share.
12. Social media: if you have multiple social channels remind them to follow you on each one. Cross promote and gain more followers.

Make these content ideas part of your employment brand strategy and you will begin to see your reputation improve and delight potential candidates.

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