How to Find Remote Recruiter Jobs

Recruiting and Sourcing are common jobs that can be done remotely. They spend a good portion of their day making phone calls, searching sites and trying to fill job requisitions. It’s a job that lends itself well to working from home.

remote recruiter jobs

So why aren’t there more remote recruiting jobs online? Lately I have seen an uptick in interest in these jobs because let’s face it, most people given the choice would rather work from home.

I for one am much more productive in my home office versus the distractions of an office environment. But it seems most employers are hesitant to pull the trigger on remote employees. My guess is they just don’t know how to manage and retain such workers. Many managers don’t understand or are uncomfortable using things like Skype and Slack to communicate with and monitor a remote person.

But a growing number of companies are cool with remote and if you look hard enough you can find these jobs online. I’ve run some searches for you on the major job sites and came up with a few thousand depending on which site you try.

Here are a few tips to help you out;

  • Setup email job alerts on the job sites with terms like virtual recruiter, recruiter remote and recruiter telecommute
  • Add that you are seeking/open to remote work on your LinkedIn profile and resume.
  • If you see a job and it doesn’t appear to offer remote, contact the poster and ask if they are open to it. Sometimes you may find they are. (or apply and write in a cover letter that you are seeking remote)
  • Seek out companies that hire remote workers. Flexjobs has such a list.
  • Browse this Facebook group for remote recruiter jobs too.

Job Searches

Click below to see some remote recruiter jobs online today.

Happy hunting.

Chris Russell

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