Roundup: ServiceNow Integrates With Teams; Qualtrics Launches DEI Tool

ServiceNow and Microsoft announced an integration to allow HR and IT agents to collaborate directly within Microsoft Teams. Features include Chat-to-Call, with which agents can invite employees to a Teams call directly from a live chat, and Major Incident Management, which allows agents to collaborate in a group setting and share key information from ServiceNow into Teams.

Help Desk: Creating a Workplace Culture That Prioritizes Mental Health

It’s no secret that the events of the last year have set the stage for an unprecedented national mental health crisis. On top of life’s normal stressors, we’ve been dealing with a global pandemic, unrest over racial injustice, political divisiveness and now the threat of seasonal depression and increased social isolation during the wintertime.

Exposing Hidden Homophobia

Many didn’t want to be seen carrying gay-themed books around school, fearful of how they’d be perceived by others. Some parents also balked: many people in Elkhorn attend churches that interpret the Bible as condemning homosexuality. In addition, administrators fretted about devoting more than a month of instruction to a single theme.

Racism and Discrimination in Health Care: Providers and Patients

A patient of mine recently shared a story with me about her visit to an area emergency room a few years ago.* She had a painful medical condition. The emergency room staff not only did not treat her pain, but she recounted: “They treated me like I was trying to play them, like I was just trying to get pain meds out of them. They didn’t try to make any diagnosis or help me at all. They couldn’t get rid of me fast enough.”

Women in Business: Advantages, Challenges, and Opportunities

With an increasing number of well-known organizations like IBM, General Motors, and Mondelēz International appointing female CEOs, the trend towards women in leadership positions seems to be on the rise. In fact, there are more women running Fortune 500 businesses today than at any point in the 63-year history of the Fortune 500.

Tackling the Underrepresentation of Women in Media

Around the world, women are far less likely than men to be seen in the media. This gender-imbalanced picture of society can reinforce and perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes. For over two years, journalists and producers across the BBC have been tackling the gender representation issue by rethinking whom they put in front of the camera, with the goal of achieving 50:50 gender representation every month.

For Younger Job Seekers, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Aren’t a Preference. They’re a Requirement.

Last summer, Arionne Lloyd went job hunting with a fresh set of priorities. For three years, she had been one of the few Black people in the sales department at a national movie theater chain. It wasn’t always a good feeling. Movies headlined by Black actors or a Black director were often pigeonholed as “Black” entertainment, and Lloyd was frequently the sole voice advocating for a wider marketing campaign.

8 Daring Female Entrepreneurs From History

In the past 20 years, the number of women-owned businesses has risen 114 percent. But female entrepreneurship isn’t just a hallmark of the modern era: Since as early as the 17th century, women have been forging their own paths in a variety of trades. From merchants to ironmasters to dressmakers, these historic women shattered glass ceilings and broke stereotypes to rise to the top of their industries.

What is the Role of Men in Feminism?

Unhealthy and unsafe gender norms continue to shape the lives of men and boys today[1]. Crucially, these norms provide the scaffolding for a gender order which privileges men – especially powerful elites. Male privilege is so engrained in social relations and structures that it appears normal and natural, and remains free from scrutiny. But if men are still the prime beneficiaries of gender inequality, then dismantling male privilege is, at least in part, men’s work.

Being Antiracist

To create an equal society, we must commit to making unbiased choices and being antiracist in all aspects of our lives.