Pay fairly to avoid high attrition

Pay is top of mind for employees right now. A recession is looming, and individuals are facing a cost of living crisis where they are struggling to make ends...

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8 HR Trends to Ponder Ahead of 2023

In this preview of the annual HR Exchange Network Talent Exchange Live event, leaders can learn about HR trends that will be visible as the world enters 2023 and...

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Performance Reviews: Be Conscious of Proximity Bias

Performance reviews may not be the hap-hap-happiest part of the job, but they’re inevitable as the year draws to a close. Experts weigh in with advice for managers who...

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The Perfect Day to Throw Your Holiday Party

It’s the holiday season, so everyone wants a party to celebrate their employees. Plus, everyone feels an obligation–we have to have a party! But December is full. In addition
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