19 Hiring Traps to Avoid

Employers must keep many legal requirements—state as well as federal—in mind when hiring, which can make staying compliant a challenge. Here are 19 hiring traps deserving HR’s attention. Read...

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Siemens Mobility Limited Taps Evie to Manage Post-COVID-19 Interview Demand 

Leading AI Assistant for Recruiters Delivers Autonomous Interview Scheduling; Empowers Talent Acquisition Teams to “Hire Faster and Better” Amidst Surge of Candidates Evie was created by former engineers &...

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High-Value Care, Workplace Flexibility Aid Employees with Cancer

Leading-edge employers are supporting employees with cancer by partnering with cancer centers that provide care-navigation services and putting in place workplace accommodations to help patients return to work sooner....

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HR Tech Number of the Day: average HR tech budgets

$483: The average amount that employers spent on HR technology per employee per year Most employers spend roughly $40 per employee per month on HR technology and services this...

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5 Ways to Create a More Disability Inclusive Culture

October is National Disability Employment Month which is a very important month to take note of since the unemployment rate of a person with a disability is twice as...

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5 tips For a More Effective Remote Onboarding Process

5 tips For a More Effective Remote Onboarding Process How can you effectively onboard new employees during the pandemic? Employees joining during lockdown don’t have the same chance to...

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Calling All Talent Leaders: What’s Your 2021 #Recruiting Prediction?

I think we can all agree that 2020 was not at all the year we envisioned in 2019. I’m knee deep in my 2021 planning so I’m feeling reflective....

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The CDC’s Definition of 15 Minutes Just Changed

At the beginning of the school year, one of my siblings shared the absolutely brilliant idea his children’s school had: Have the kids get up and run around the classroom every 14 minutes so that no one sat next to anyone for 15 minutes. Therefore, no one would meet the quarantine criteria for exposure if […]
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How AI is Reinventing Talent Management

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/talentculture/How_AI_is_Reinventing_Talent_Management_WorkTrends_20201023.mp3?dest-id=478053Today I’m welcoming Brad Sutton, Strategic Accounts, EightfoldAI, to talk about how talent management — and talent acquisition as...