Swiss Saturday: English

There’s a joke that Switzerland is the only country to have a national language that no one speaks: German In reality, Switzerland has four national languages (German, French, Italian...

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General Contractor Not Responsible for Death of Subcontractor’s Employee

The family of a man who died after a forklift fell on top of him while he was changing the vehicle’s tire could not bring a lawsuit against the...

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How to Maintain a Professional Presence on the Phone

Whether you’re job hunting or starting a temporary new business, consider getting a second phone number, writes career columnist Martin Yate. A second number and distinct ringtone alert you...

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Spotlight Benefits’ Value During Open Enrollment

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of helping employees maintain physical, mental and financial health, making this year’s open enrollment period a critical time for employers to think...

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Reflections on the July 2020 BLS Report

Today, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its Employment Situation report for July 2020. This release shows a continuation in the improvement of the unemployment rate, even beating...

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Pandemic Could Worsen the Gender Pay Gap

Women have a higher risk of suffering greater penalties in earnings as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, pay analysts warn. Employer actions to remedy gender-based pay disparities should remain...

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How to Encourage Employees to Take Vacation

Many HR professionals across the country are struggling with how to convince employees to take vacation. They worry that workers’ reluctance to take time off is only adding to...

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In Spain, Employers Contend with Pandemic’s Changing Impact

Employers in Spain are contending with the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to raise health and safety concerns after several months. Read Complete Article

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The New WhoKnows Community for Recruiters

The New WhoKnows Community for Recruiters   We’re talking about something brand new with WhoKnows. They have several available tools within their portfolio for prospecting, sales, and recruitment. Now,...

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Two Reasons Why HR Stinks (and How to Fix It)

An acquaintance just got her first job after being a stay at home mom for many years. She’s a recruiter. Salary? $10 an hour. Take that in for a minute. She could make more money working fast food, yet a company is trusting her to be part of finding the best possible candidates for their […]
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