For Younger Job Seekers, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Aren’t a Preference. They’re a Requirement.

Last summer, Arionne Lloyd went job hunting with a fresh set of priorities. For three years, she had been one of the few Black people in the sales department at a national movie theater chain. It wasn’t always a good feeling. Movies headlined by Black actors or a Black director were often pigeonholed as “Black” entertainment, and Lloyd was frequently the sole voice advocating for a wider marketing campaign.

Five Ways You Can Begin Addressing DEI Challenges Today

Since last summer, each of us has probably been in multiple conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. But how many of these have led to tangible differences in the way you are managing your initiatives and making the desired changes? If you’re struggling to get the results you want or need, here’s a list of ideas for addressing DEI challenges for next to nothing. You just need to be curious, have an open mind and be willing to ask, “What do you think?”