Tips and Tools for Recruiting Recruiters

tips for recruiting recruiters

Good recruiters are hard to find. I think most people in our industry would agree with that statement.

But how and where do you find the best ones? If it were me, I’d start with social media. If I am hiring a recruiting team today I’d want people who are social media savvy and who already have a following. That candidate comes with lead generation features that I can leverage immediately. Second, referrals. Ask around and get recommendations. Recruiters are the poster children of referrals.

Today’s recruiter needs to be part hunter, part farmer and good at engaging candidates. That’s a rare skill set to master. Recruiting right takes time and effort. The new crop of recruiters I’ve seen seem to loathe picking up the phone. But perhaps that is just a sign of the times as most people now prefer to be contacted by email/text. In any case, you need to give new recruiters the proper training to succeed. It also takes the right personality.

I also asked my network how to recruit recruiters. Here are a few responses;

LinkedIn! It’s where we live and breathe! Offer opportunities that differ from what they’re doing that allow them to leverage their expertise, and what they love to do! -Renée Hoyt

Motivate people in showing them how they will learn and grow in this new opportunity. -Garick Chan

One non-traditional way to source a recruiter would be to find someone who is experienced in working with corporate partners at a local college or university. These folks know how to find motivated students and to help develop potential employees. -Kelly Penwell

You’d better have a great process but also, you’d better know how to negotiate. -Chris Fields

I’d post on Facebook too. There are dozens of recruiter groups to post your opening. Here’s a short list of some of those groups which are highly active.

After that you can also post on several job boards online. Browse these HR job boards via this job site directory.

hr job boards

Happy hunting.

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