Qualtrics Launches New Version of its Employee Experience Platform

SALT LAKE CITY and SEATTLE, March 7, 2019 — Today at X4: The Experience Management Summit, Qualtrics, the leader in experience management, announced new capabilities in its Qualtrics Employee Experience™ product, now known as Qualtrics EmployeeXM™.

These solutions empower organizations with a system of action that help them move beyond a single point-in-time project to ongoing employee feedback and personalized actions at scale.

“Today we are introducing an entirely new and modern approach to employee experience,” said Jay Choi, Vice President of Employee Experience, Qualtrics. “Successful EX programs of the future are ‘always on,’ immediately identifying broken areas in the employee journey. They bring experience data, together with operational data, and turn it into actionable insights, suggesting the right next steps for managers and leaders to take. We are delivering innovations that turn organizations’ employee engagement programs into an enterprise-wide system of action designed specifically to put people at the center of their organization.”

From Organization-Centered to Employee-Centered
Modern employee experience programs are designed around the employee, not the organization. This means listening actively to employees beyond just the annual engagement survey to drive impact at the speed of business today. Managers and leaders now need tools to capture feedback throughout the entire employee lifecycle and during the experiences that matter most to employees. New features include:

  • Digital Listening Posts allows employees to provide feedback anonymously at any time they want, beyond just periodic or annual engagement surveys. With Digital Listening, employees have a structured, “always on” manner to submit feedback and actionable ideas. For example, frontline employees can offer feedback on customer interactions and suggest areas to improve the customer experience in real-time. Additionally, all data is compiled in a centralized dashboard with ratings over time and open-text comment analysis.
  • Qualtrics XM Solutions™ are pre-configured programs that contain expert content, workflow, and automation built directly into the Qualtrics XM Platform™. Organizations can leverage recommended communications and pre-configured dashboards to complement their employee experience programs. There will be five new solutions focused on areas that are top-of-mind for organizations who may not have the resources or expertise to understand:
    • Corporate Responsibility Solution to understand how employees perceive their organization’s corporate reputation, community involvement, and environmental practices.
    • Ethics Solution to track employee perceptions of fairness in the workplace and their views on ethical business practices from managers up through senior leadership.
    • Safety Solution to view employee feedback and perception of whether their employer supports and reinforces safe behaviors, including clear reporting processes.
    • Work/Life Balance Solution to understand how employees are affected by stress, workload, and organizational/team culture.
    • Growth & Development Solution to recognize how employees view their career development and manager support around growth opportunities.
  • Benefits Optimizer is an analytics tool that optimizes a company’s benefits and rewards package. Benefits and compensation leaders can conduct an in-depth study to identify the ideal benefits package unique to their company and budget and ask employees to weigh the trade-offs of different options. While adjusting benefits can typically be costly and time-consuming, Benefits Optimizer provides an effortless way to gather data on what really matters to employees, putting them at the center of these critical decisions.

From Imposed Accountability to Must-Have Insights
Many managers and leaders spend time sorting, filtering, and understanding employee data and then spend even more resources drafting plans – all in hopes of finding the most impactful actions to take. Qualtrics EmployeeXM takes the manual guesswork out of that process. Managers see guided actions on the next steps they can take that are statically proven to improve engagement. New features include:

  • Prescriptive Insights, powered by Qualtrics iQ™ saves managers the time of filtering through and comparing employee data by automatically surfacing opportunities each manager can take to improve overall engagement. For example, Prescriptive Insights may surface “focus on training and development” as an area where managers can increase engagement. Managers can also see how their team’s score compares to the company’s average.
  • Guided action planning enables program administrators to lead managers step-by-step through action planning. Paired with Prescriptive Insights, guided action planning shows them how to take action on those insights. The feature automatically surfaces recommended tasks, resources, and best practices so that managers can spend more time doing and less time analyzing and planning. For example, if “focus on training and development” is identified as an opportunity to improve engagement, guided action planning will surface information related to why this is important, suggested actions the manager can take, and additional reading resources.

From Static Reporting to Informing Decisions
Organizations still struggle with static reports that are lengthy, irrelevant, and outdated. They need technology that will move at the speed of business today. Qualtrics EX Homepage, along with the Qualtrics XM mobile app, provides every people leader in an organization with an “always on” employee dashboard that surfaces personalized intelligent analysis and smart notifications. New features include:

  • EX Mobile Dashboards are intelligent insights built into the Qualtrics XM mobile app. Managers and leaders can easily view their teams’ employee engagement results and drill down into personalized insights and action plans they can share with others to drive impact quickly – all on the go from the convenience of their smartphones. The mobile feed also surfaces various engagement scores, such as new hire scores, against industry benchmarks to help every manager make informed decisions.
  • EX Homepage is the employee experience hub for HR professionals, managers, and leaders. It surfaces the most relevant data, on mobile and on desktop, so that customized notifications and prescriptive insights are delivered in real-time or in daily digests. This is where organizations can focus on actions that will drive impact for employees and the business, and share insights across the organization – all in one place.

From Internal View to Aggregated Perspective

  • Employer Brand Tracking is a new product that provides organizations with a holistic picture of their employer brand perception by integrating responses and scores from third-party websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed to their dashboards. This allows organizations to combine external employee feedback with their internal employee listening system to get the most accurate data and insights about an employer’s brand perception.

Qualtrics EmployeeXM, built on the Qualtrics XM Platform, identifies experience gaps across an employee’s journey, from recruiting to onboarding to performance management, to drive experience breakthroughs. It enables managers and leaders to understand and improve the experience of their employees so organizations can attract, develop, engage, and retain a world class workforce.

With Qualtrics EmployeeXM, HR managers and leaders can also analyze their employee engagement results against global, country and industry benchmarks. Qualtrics’ employee engagement benchmarks, powered by IBM Kenexa WorldNorms, enable organizations to better understand their performance and set goals towards building a world class workforce. IBM Kenexa’s WorldNorms benchmarks are an industry standard database that consolidates employee engagement data from 350 companies across more than 200 countries and provides access to three-year rolling averages based on responses from 15 million employees.

To learn more about Qualtrics EmployeeXM, please visit: www.qualtrics.com/employee-experience.

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