Top Technical and Soft Skills Every Recruiter Must Develop to Survive in 2019

With HR technology evolving at an unprecedented pace, recruiters with technical skills are more sought after than ever before. So whether you are looking for a change or simply want to progress within your own organization, these 3 skills are mandatory to achieving your career goals:  

Technical Skills

Artificial Intelligence for Professional Growth

Artificial intelligence is permeating every industry across the globe and is only expected to expand further than anticipated in near future. It is high time HR professionals come to terms with online recruitment software as an important aspect of their day-to-day recruitment tasks. With applicant tracking software automating every tedious and time-consuming recruiting activity, busy recruiters are leveraging this powerful solution to streamline, simplify and speed-up their recruitment process.

Cloud Skills to Stay Current

As companies continue to revamp their recruitment strategies and switch to automation with online recruitment software, recruiters need to develop the skills for agile processes that run on cloud services. The rapidly growing number of organizations uploading all their work to remote data centers recruiters seeking to future-proof their positions need to upgrade their existing technical skills with cloud computing technology. An easy way to do this is by taking advantage of free trails offered by applicant tracking systems.

Data Analytics to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Master resume writers can make candidates come across as a perfect fit for every company and this is why recruiters often end up with candidates who are not a culture fit or lack the required skills for a specific role. Data analytics can dramatically improve your hiring odds by facilitating data-driven decisions. Recruiters can leverage the real-time dashboards and accurate reports generated by recruiting software to track hiring performance and stay on top of what works and what doesn’t. Data analytics give recruiters a bigger picture with a clear snapshot of the recruiting data, enabling them to identify bottlenecks in a few clicks and optimize the hiring process.

If you are looking to upskill this year, learn these top tech skills and improve your employability.

Soft Skills

Team up your technical skills with these 7 essential soft skills because the combination can make you a perfect fit for every company and these skills matter much more than you may think.

Cultural Sensitivity

Technology has blurred all boundaries for businesses across the globe and in this hyper-connected world; most recruiters need to expand their reach overseas. As businesses go global, recruiters are required to work with overseas clients and remote employees who are dotted around the world. An easy way to expand the recruitment reach without having to leave the country is by leveraging fully-featured recruiting software that facilitates instant team collaboration. Using applicant tracking software, recruiters can share views about shortlisted candidates, use mentions to notify team members, and also set access permissions to control who can view candidate feedback.

In order to improve communication when recruiting globally, recruiters can broaden their horizon of knowledge by learning a new language, exploring different types of books, watching different genres of films, and opening up to new perspectives and cultures.

Marketing Skills

HR leaders also need to double up as highly skilled strategic partners to add value as every other business member. From planning and strategizing to teamwork and communication, everything plays a vital part in building consensus when it comes to choosing the right fit for a job. Recruiters need to know how to market their open positions and promote their company culture to convert high quality candidates. This is where a recruiter’s convincing ability and negotiation skills come into play. Those who lack in this area can cover up using applicant tracking software to advocate the perks of working for a company with a compelling careers portal that depicts an attractive employer brand.

Emotional Intelligence

While automation accelerates low skilled, mundane tasks, recruiters need to ensure that employee engagement involves the human element. Emotional intelligence enables recruiters to understand the emotions of potential candidates and build meaningful human relationships within the world of work.

Creative Thinking

Modern day recruiters are struggling to fill vacancies with the right candidates in a tight job market and that is why they need to be more creative and come up with unique offerings that prospective candidates are going to value. For this, recruiters can tap into the company’s social networks, draft magnetic job descriptions, revamp the careers portal to convey a fun and unique company culture and capitalize on employee referrals.

Continuous Learning

In order to keep growing, recruiters need to keep learning because learning is the way forward. This is why HR leaders are recognizing the need to upskill consistently for staying competitive. By gaining industry knowledge, developing skills and adapting to changes in a dynamic environment, recruiters can fill vacancies faster, stay current and succeed in an ever-evolving HR landscape.

Communication Skills

Recruiters must possess the ability to convey messages and communicate with candidates in a concise and compelling manner. This is one soft skill that delivers long-term value because good communication skills can make a massive difference when employers need to fill vacancies even with fierce competition and skill shortage.


Recruiters must have the ability to anticipate future developments in HR so they can act in advance and create a competitive edge. Only self-initiated behavior and the vision to foresee the change allows a recruiter to rise above mediocrity and add value even in the reactive mode. Recruiters who are not proactive and perseverant are unlikely to fit in a fast-changing HR world.

These 7 soft skills will prove your ability to evolve, anticipate, adapt to and innovate at work even as technical disruptions continue to revolutionize recruitment practices and as far as technical skills are concerned, recruiters can always rely on advanced applicant tracking software.

Author Bio: Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager for Jobsoid – Applicant Tracking System. She is responsible for leading the content and social media teams at work. Her expertise and experience in the field of HR enables her to create value-driven content for her readers – both on Jobsoid’s blog and other guest blogs where she publishes content regularly.

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