Employer Brand Advocacy: What to Avoid, Recognize, and Provide to Employees

Throughout my 25 years of working in talent acquisition, employer brand, and employee communications, there have been many changes and constants. From the late 90s to today, discussions surrounding...

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From Insights to Impact: What Mature Listening Organizations Do Differently

Register here! Date & Time: Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 12:00 pm ET Speakers: Emily Killham, Senior Director, Research & Insights, Perceptyx Naketrice Snow, Director, People Experience, Mohegan Corporate...

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‘Virtual assistants’ vs. ‘co-pilots’: What should AI tools be called?

Interestingly, human resource technology—which sometimes seems like a world of bots and beeps—is truly about communication. In a thoughtful report titled Language Matters: AI User Perceptions, analyst firm Valoir...

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Recruitment Marketing Roundup for March 1, 2024

To get our content delivered to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter here. It’s free! Layoffs in the tech sector. Significant shifts in employment practices. The latest economic forecasts....

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Here’s an idea, just do the job you were hired for

Every day, people get worked up over stuff they can’t control. Everyone’s telling you to be this or that, depending on the latest trend or generation. I’ve stopped listening...

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What Successful Purpose Statements Do Differently

Strategies from companies that got their guiding mission right.

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How to Actually Execute Change at a Company

Four factors that will determine the success — or failure — of your initiative.

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Love vs Money: Women earn 15% less than men throughout their careers

The workplace wasn’t created equally for everyone – yes, yes, we all know this. Gender inequality isn’t new news. But what might be news to you, is just how...

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Hybrid work: Recreating the ‘watercooler effect’ to boost innovation and culture

Many employees have been returning to the office in increasing numbers for the past couple of years, going in for a variety of days and hours per week depending...

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Adapt Your Strategy to Higher Interest Rates

To increase sales and profits in this environment, executives need to rediscover the concept of economic profit.

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