The Rise of ‘Remote Recruitment’

‘Remote recruitment’ is here to stay according to a new report by Questionmark, the online assessment provider. Where interviews were once held face-to-face, we can now expect a permanent shift in approach after months of social distancing and isolation.

Employers have looked for new ways to identify the essential skills they need from hires and to bring in new people.

The report, “Reimagining recruitment decisions. How can employers make better decisions and navigate a constantly shifting business environment?”, shows how employers have adapted.

Many have found that video conversations capture more aspects of a conventional interview than working by phone.1 It is easier to read facial expressions and visual cues.

Skills assessments can also transform the recruitment process, helping identify who will fit best.

By testing the skills and qualities of candidates before making the hire, employers can see who has the skills to hit the ground running. They can assess which potential recruits have the qualities and attitude to fit into team culture. Assessments can test aptitude and identify future training needs.

Remote recruitment will continue, even as physical meetings become possible. Video interviews are likely to continue in at least some part of the recruitment process, particularly initial screenings.2

Pre-hire assessments delivered remotely help to inform those screening and recruitment decisions.

Even without social distancing, pen and paper assessments, or using a basic assessment tool can create as many problems as they solve. Marking assessments is time-consuming and laborious. Results are hard to analyze.

Effective online assessment platforms instantly mark and analyze results. They can spot trends and patterns and quickly show a candidate’s performance against the rest of the cohort. They support a variety of test formats and offer a range of anti-cheating measures.

Lars Pedersen, CEO at Questionmark said, “Recruiting at a distance is here to stay. Even in sectors where remote working is not an option, remote recruitment is emerging. Online skills assessments will give employers the information they need to make good decisions about which candidates have what it takes to hit the ground running, contribute to culture and boost productivity.”

Read the full report here.

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