Introducing Recroup – a job retargeting platform

I had an email exchange with Amit Chauhan about his new platform Recroup. If you are into recruitment marketing I recommend scheduling a demo to see how it can help your recruiting efforts.

1. What is Recroup and why did you start it?
Recroup is first ever job retargeting platform that allows employers to re-engage the candidates even after they leave career website or job pages on the social media site or the web. Recroup also offers one of the most advanced recruitment analytics dashboard that gives employers a deep dive into candidates behavior on the career website.

We talk and read a lot these days about how recruiters should start thinking like marketers, but there aren’t many tools that allow recruiters to do that. Most of the traditional analytics platforms are not built with recruitment at the focus. If we talk about the advertising platforms like Facebook, Adwords or DSP’s they are a way too complex for regular marketers so let’s forget about recruiters using them. This is why we built Recroup, which is an advertising technology company at heart with a focus on recruitment.


2. Describe the features…
What makes Recroup unique and innovative is its ease of use. Many big employers have tried to utilize traditional retargeting platforms but have failed to get the best value out of it. The reason being the platforms available in the market are not built for recruitment and they are incredibly complex to use. Also, the once you launch a retargeting campaign on one of these platforms you have to separately do it for web and Facebook. In order to get the most value, one need to optimize the campaigns regularly and manage them constantly. Yes, as it sounds it is a lot of work.

These are few of the issues that we solved while building Recroup but the list is much longer. We know that campaigns creation must be a simple process and there should be no work required once the campaigns are live. And this is what exactly Recroup does.

Below are some of the key unique features that Recroup offers:

* Magic Pixel: One script that does it all. Once a magic pixel is installed it talks to the career website and build a deep analytics of the career website.
* One step cross-Channel Campaign Creation: Recroup allow employers to create campaigns on multiple channels like Facebook or Web in a single step.
* Self-Optimization: We understand pain recruiters can’t manage multiple ad campaigns and created proprietary algorithms that run and manage campaigns in real time. Once the campaigns are launched, everything is automated.
* Smart Spending: Budget is automatically allocated to channel that is performing better in order to get the higher conversion.
* Audience: See recruitment analytics like never before. See what candidates are doing on your site and at which step they are dropping out of the application steps.
* Recommendation: An automatic review of your career website and suggestions to improve the performance.

3. What can you learn through the analytics?
Usually, analytics are considered to be about numbers and stats, but there is no must more we can learn from data. At Recroup we focused on converting that data into meaningful information for employers. We tell employers everything from what job careers see on the career website and how they interact with it. Our recommendation engine analyzes the complete career website and makes the recommendation that can help employers improve conversion significantly.

4. Why is retargeting so important?
Employers spend an enormous amount of money on job advertising and drive traffic to their career pages but it is a sad reality that over 90% of that traffic does not convert and employers do not have enough tools to re-engage those candidates after they leave the job page. With retargeting employers can re-engage interested candidates and bring them back to the job by showing jobs in the form of ads on sites like Facebook or a regular website. With retargeting employers can directly increase their engagement with candidates outside the career site and increase conversion. Over time employers can build a strong web presence and increase ROI exponentially.

5. What does it cost?
We offer a monthly subscription for our analytics platform that starts from $199/Month and goes up to $699/Month. For retargeting campaigns, employers can buy on pay per campaign basis that starts from $100/Job. For clients with high volume job with work on customized packages.

6. What is your background?
Our team has vast experience in digital advertising space with an understanding of RTB, programmatic advertising, and data visualization. We saw that conventional digital advertising is highly underutilized in recruitment space and that motivated us to build Recroup.

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