Helps Job Candidates Bypass HR and Connect with Company Decision Makers, a unique new personalized job exploration service that connects candidates directly to company decision makers, today announced its national launch.

Citing a lack of response from prospective employers as the #1 complaint from today’s job seekers, BossFinder seeks to resolve this frustrating dilemma for qualified candidates.

“Due to the volume of applicants, the resumes of many highly-qualified online job seekers are not making it past the automated screening software utilized by many major US companies,” said Marsha E. Smith, President. “The result is often that the true decision maker for a particular role never even sees the resumes of many qualified candidates.”

BossFinder is intended for experienced candidates who have already applied online to a role for which they are qualified, yet have not received a response from the prospective employer.

The service first confirms a candidate meets the educational and work experience requirements for the role, and then works to provide candidates with the name, title, e-mail address and phone number of the hiring manager, elevating the job seeker to a personal contact level not currently available to those who apply through an online job board.

-BossFinder guarantees that all contact information provided to candidates has been verified to be accurate. In the event of a staffing change after the contact information has been provided, candidates are offered three choices:

-BossFinder will conduct new research to provide the updated contact information

-BossFinder will provide contact information for a different online job opportunity

-Or, the candidate can receive an immediate refund

-Candidates may purchase packages starting at $69.95 for one contact, with progressive discounts available that reduce the net cost per contact to as little as $39.99.

Once initial contact has been established using BossFinder, the job seeker is able to continue a dialogue with the decision makers at no additional expense. As opposed to a traditional recruitment service, employers are never charged a fee. BossFinder also consistently contributes a percentage of all proceeds to Hire Heroes USA.

“We are working to put the ‘human’ back into Human Resources,” said Smith. “It’s a win-win situation to help great candidates stand out and help companies find the talent they seek.”

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