Boost Your Employer Brand in 2017 Says This Recruiter

There is growing chorus of voices in the talent acquisition community about boosting efforts to improve your company’s employer brand. With review sites now helping shape opinion of employers outside of their control, EB is the best way to help you control the message.

Taylor Dumouchel, an Executive Recruiter at Peak Sales Recruiting, sent us her thoughts on employer branding for 2017.

In 2017 to attract talent we recommend our clients define and build an employer brand. An attractive employer brand is the primary reason great professionals want to work for a particular company. As defined by Richard Mosley, author of The Employer Brand, this term denotes “an organization’s reputation as an employer, as opposed to its more general corporate brand reputation.” LinkedIn reports that 59% of executives are investing more in their employer brand in 2016 than last year, bringing new emphasis to marketing for job candidates. Appealing to top professionals requires that executives develop their employer brands with these aspects in mind:
  • Position the company as a market leader: Top professionals are always interested in working for industry leaders or high-growth companies that are poised to dominate their sector.  If there’s no track record of success at a company, great workers are savvy enough to realize it’s not their best option to make a move. Respected employers, therefore, demonstrate their legitimacy by leveraging key client logos in the recruiting process. By emphasizing their reputation and resources, they gain the attention of top talent.
  • A supportive culture: Top professionals seek respect, not just within their immediate teams, but throughout an organization; they want to work for companies that value what they do. Therefore, in order to recruit top talent, executives need to highlight their positive and supportive culture and underscore how they recognize that their position are apart of the major  drivers for company growth.
  • Create a strong career track: To encourage top talent to join their company rather than a competitor’s, executives need to offer prospective candidates more than a better job. Top talent appreciates educational opportunities to build on their skillset and learn different selling methodologies, and want to know that a potential employer will provide the support necessary for them to build extensive professional portfolios. Outstanding companies combine these opportunities with fast career tracks, giving workers more agency to take on bigger accounts and move into management opportunities.

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