20 Recruiting Pros Share Their Plans for 2017

As we approach the end of another year in recruiting I like to look ahead at what recruiting pros are thinking about for 2017.

So I asked my network to answer the following question: What will you be doing more of/less of to attract talent next year? 

Here are those answers, unedited.

More geotagging, more video, more of what’s important to the candidates.

Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer at Decision Toolbox

I plan to leverage social media in 2017 primarily to share the benefits of our brand. We have a large offering but it is complex and we engage with Realtors but not in a traditional employee/employer relationship. Our Talent choices are imperative to ensure our brand shines.

Jodi Chila, Vice President, Talent Sourcing & Sales

Be smarter in what I do, make use of the zillions of knowledge and insight that is in the market. Doing more of the same and relentlessly does not cut it, it has to be better and smarter and on basis of some kind of evolution!

Jacob Sten Madsen, Senior Recruiter EMEA at Laird plc

More social media promotion…Primarily Facebook and Twitter but I am considering Snap Chat to attract millennials. I’m also tossing around the idea of blogging.

Kerin Colby, Recruiter

Live conversation (digital) replacing content/post approach, less EVP and Employer Brand, moe focus on “job brand.”, more transactional recruiting

Bill Boorman, Recruiting Thought Leader

While I expect to continue using multiple posting tools, as well as sourcing platforms to locate talent, my plan is to be better at creating active pipelines based on specific skill sets, and have a content strategy for keep people in the loop. All top people are deluged by recruiter correspondence, what can I do to make it valuable and actionable?

Geoff Brooks, Golden Compass Recruiting

I’ll be doing more phone conversations, more video interviews, and less social media.

Jim Durbin, Digital Marketing Recruiter at Brandstorming

I’ll be encouraging companies to balance their sourcing with genuine employee branding (that isn’t a typo!). It’s fantastic that companies now understand the importance of employee engagement & happiness but why aren’t they using it to attract staff? It’s time to let your people share their genuine experiences, without marketing’s interference, because the Internet has made people skeptical of PR-polished employer branding. Instead, future employees seek to hear real insight straight from their industry peers’ mouths.

Katrina Collier, Social Recruiting Expert & Chief Searchologist at The Searchologist.

I will continue to coach candidates, learn deeper searches, network with higher ups, maximize production and have FUN!

Monica Earley Snow, Recruiter at Dealer Tire

Will be using less LinkedIn Inmails as LinkedIn continues to limit usability and the effectiveness of InMails continue to diminish.

Robb Callon, Senior Partner at Blue Point Search

Less Posting and they will come. More community’ engagement.

Alexandra Suhann, Recruiter at Tradesman International

I will continue to take on a more consultative approach with both candidates and clients… Continue to push in moving #DiversityForward™ to Inclusion.

Tonia Snell, 360 HR

I’ll be picking up the phone more, and using LinkedIn less.

Rob Dromgoole, Recruiter

I’m still learning, but I plan on asking WHY more.

Lex Gingerella, RecruitingDaily

I plan to focus MUCH more on new technology, unfounded sourcing tactics and execution plans, candidate experience, creating inbound marketing/events for employment branding, high level metrics for Executives and STOP focusing on old school best practices that haven’t changed in 5 years.  

Marie Burns, Head of People Ops, Datawire.io

I am not being facetious here, but I will be going to more local bars where my talent hangs out. #truestory

Jo Weech, Chief People Officer, Anthem Engineering

To attract and select better talent in 2017 businesses should be focusing on three specific areas. Candidate Enrollment, Self-Selection and Prediction. Candidate enrollment focuses on using the employer brand to attract Candidates early and often, before a role is open. Self-selection makes a more human approach that gives permission to the candidate to self-select out of the recruiting process. Finally, using sophisticated, structured and validate prediction methods will ensure employers get the right candidate the first time.

Nicholas Klisht is a Director at ConvertiCulture

Get laser focused on the 3-5 qualities you want in candidates for your organization and then commit to relentlessly pursuing those who possess these key attributes – companies waste too much time with lists of 19 -25 qualifications – too many criteria muddies the process and limits the outcome.

Atta Tarki, CEO ExConsultants Agency

Find ways to help people that have nothing to do with recruiting them. Seek meaningful conversations and shared experiences that build trust and friendships so when the time is right, that rapport had been building.

Jodi Jefferson, Director with Riviera Partners

I plan on helping more employers leverage facebook recruiting ads to target more passive candidates.

Chris Russell, Managing Director RecTech Media

See you all in 2017!

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