Top Video Interview Tools

Video Interview tools have been around for a few years. However, it wasn’t until Covid and the shift to WFH (work from home) when video interviews became top of mind with recruiting teams.

top video interview tools

Video interviews typically allow the applicants to pre-record their answers (asynschronous) to qualifying questions eliminating the pre-screen stage moving the top candidates to interviews with hiring managers faster. This new interview process does have some drawbacks however.

There can be a drop-off from applicants who are fearful or uneasy about recording themselves. There is also a risk of downgrading the candidate experience. Both concerns can be remedied by using the video interview tool that’s best suited for the types of candidates you seek and your company’s culture.  

Here is our take on the top 10 most popular video interview tools and how they stack up. 

Spark Hire

One of the most popular video interviewing applications, Spark Hire excels with customer service, ease of use, and implementation. What’s unique about Spark Hire is they provide an option for you to send a video introduction email where you can talk about why your company is a great place to work, ask them to complete the interview process, or just thank them for applying. Spark Hire’s starting cost is $119 per month.  


Another strong contender is Vidcruiter. In addition to a video interviewing option, Vidcruiter has additional options like Video Proctoring, ATS, Psychometrics exams, HRIS, and background checks. Vidcruiter also supports German, English, French, and Spanish. Vidcruiter is GDPR/CCPA certified compliant. Pricing is based on your choice of modules. 


HireVue is one of the more well-known in the industry. Its dashboard user interface is easy to use and very intuitive. HireVue can provide you with pre-hire assessments in addition to their video interview application. Their AI hiring assistant can help you maintain engagement with your candidates by automatically texting updates providing transparency throughout the interview process. HireVue’s pricing is based on your individual needs. 


Hinterview tends to be popular with recruitment agencies because of their introduction videos feature. The recruiter can view the candidate video and then send a video of themself telling the hiring manager why the candidate is ideal along with the candidate video. This personalized option is ideal for asynchronous communication cultures. Hinterview can also provide marketing support and recruitment brand promotion. You must request a demo for pricing. 


Well known for their affordable ATS, Workable also provides a video interview module that integrates with their ATS as well as many others through an API. Their intuitive dashboard makes it easy for everyone including your hiring managers to use.  You can purchase additional modules from their partners for psychometrics exams, background checks, and other pre-hire assessments. Workable’s basic plan starts at $99 per month. 


With a very simple user interface and a low starting cost of $75 per month, Hireflix is a great option if your recruitment team is new to the video interview space. A great feature Hireflix provides is the option for the recruiter to record the questions via video. This can give a more interactive candidate experience. 


Easy integration and Predictive analytics are top features with OutMatch helping your recruitment team screen for the best candidates. OutMatch “stacks” additional products to their video interview tool such as a Soft Skill Assessment and Culture Analytics. Recruiting internationally? OutMatch has you covered supporting  German, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Please request a demo for pricing.


With MyInterview, you can send invites from the application to candidates asking them to video record their interview questions. Using machine learning algorithms fueled by “diverse data scan” videos are analyzed for traits, and keywords matching candidates to your company culture. Can start at $0 per month for 1 active job. 


Using their key features, interview scheduling, on demand and live stream video, Interviewstream can help your recruiting team through multiple stages of the recruitment process. Interviewstream also has “interview builder” which is a guide that ensures structured and consistent interviews.  

They also have a module for colleges and universities to prepare students for video interviews. Contact Interviewstream for pricing. 


ModernHire has an interesting feature where you can record a scenario for the candidate to view and respond via video how they would manage the issue. This feature is often used for customer service and technical support hires but could be used for many other roles. ModernHire also allows you to send texts to candidates asking them prescreen questions prior to inviting them to a video interview. Contact ModernHire for pricing. 

Whether you just starting to enter the video interview trend or an old pro looking to upgrade, there are several options for you. Be sure to consider your company culture, ease of use for your team, and the candidate experience when choosing your video interview tool. The best part is you will be amazed how much time you will save adding this tool to your interview process.

Special thanks to Irene Indarte for contributing this article.

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