Top 5 HR & Recruiting Tools You Should Use in 2019

Written by: Colin Gordon

2019 is almost coming to an end, but there is still time to learn, improve and develop, especially when it comes to the field of Human Resources. This area keeps evolving every day, with various trends and technologies helping us hire and manage our staff more efficiently, automating many small tasks and freeing up time for the bigger picture.

If you’re an HR Manager, here are the top 5 tools you should adopt before the end of this year, to make your life much easier. They will cover pretty much every part of the employee lifecycle, from hiring to retention.

1. Recruiters LineUp – Get Matched With The Best Recruiter

Many companies will prefer to outsource the recruiting process to an outside firm, as they have years of experience, a network of pre-vetted candidates and can be a valuable resource in the case of a niche role that needs to be filled. But sometimes it’s not easy to know which firm will be best for your company’s needs. Recruiters LineUp is the perfect tool especially for that. After filling out a simple form, you’ll receive a customized list of recruiters, based on the criteria you provided, whether it be an area, niche or industry. And best of all, it’s free of charge.

2. Quickbooks – Manage Payroll Effectively

Payroll is a sensitive topic, as not paying your employees the correct amount and in a timely manner will reflect poorly on your company and its brand. For that reason, it’s important to choose software with the highest security, which is also user-friendly; one that will make your life as simple as possible. Quickbooks does just that, with a mobile app, and a cloud-based solution, which syncs between all of your devices, making it easy to collaborate and work on the go.  

3. Culture Amp – Monitor Employees’ Performance

While a good manager will be in the office with their team, conduct weekly check-in, ask questions and motivate them on a daily basis, it is always good to have an additional way to monitor performance. With the support of Culture Amp, you can not only see that tasks are being completed, but you can encourage your team to set their own goals. The software allows you to collect your team’s feedback about the tasks, to build coaching and development and provide 360s. 

4. Kudos – Keep Your Team Engaged

In order to stay motivated, setting goals is not always enough. Your team should also feel that it’s being celebrated for its successes. Guess what, there’s a tool for that as well. The appropriately named Kudos lets you note employee accomplishments, birthdays and other life events in a corporate-like social environment, where everyone can see. For bigger achievements, you can send personal messages on video, or even award gifts and money.

5. Zenefits – All of Your HR Needs in One Place

As unbelievable as it may sound, if you’re willing to put some money into it, there are software solutions that can take over most of your HR needs and automate them. Such is the powerful Zenefits, which is capable of streamlining anything from employee onboarding to benefits, payroll, and time tracking, with one platform that even runs smoothly on mobile. It’s all a matter of how much you’re willing to submit to technology.

HR professionals have many responsibilities and can often end up juggling many balls, but with the help of these smart tools, the work can become less about admin and more about the people.

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