The Future Of Recruiting In A Digital World

Today’s potential job candidates are split between an aging group of experienced workers who are comfortable with traditional hiring practices and younger candidates who expect streamlined digital hiring processes that incorporate employee branding. Older professionals are typically willing to engage in digital recruiting as long as application processes are not cumbersome or difficult to understand.

Over the next few years, branding, user experience and social networking will play an increasing role in recruiting.

future of recruiting

Employee Brand Matters

Passive candidates are becoming a bigger factor in finding and hiring the right staff for open positions. Between 2010 and 2014, traditional search methods such as employee referrals, internal hiring and working with staffing agencies all declined as preferred tools for finding top-quality candidates. In that same time period, career websites and Internet job boards saw moderate increases while the use of social professional networks increased by 73 percent for hiring purposes.

Employee branding is critical to hiring success for two major reasons: First, brands can’t always rely on those job seekers who are actively looking for openings and submitting applications — particularly in niches where skills are at a premium. Strong branding makes it possible to create relationships with potential candidates long before the hiring process is a consideration. Second, younger candidates bring a new set of values to the workforce: it’s no longer enough to offer competitive pay and benefits. Millennials want to know they are working for a brand they can trust — for a company with ideals that match theirs.

Application Processes Must Be Fast and User-Friendly

Once branding does attract candidates, the application process can turn them away. Cumbersome processes — especially those that require hard-copy documents — can deter applicants. However, going 100 percent digital is not a viable option for some companies. Today, companies have to walk the line between taking advantage of technology-imbued hiring processes without devaluing candidate time or scaring away older, more experienced applicants who aren’t as comfortable with newer procedures. This is where a flexible solution that allows you to accommodate all types of applicants and customize your process on a per-position basis is crucial.

Tools such as online applications and video interviews are effective at creating hiring efficiencies for any industry and target population, as long as they are deployed correctly. Companies that integrate these tools in the future must also work to strengthen communication and instruction methods and should always choose tools for ease and efficiency of the process instead of selecting tools for the sole purpose of flashing technology at applicants.

Potential Candidates Require Engagement Choices

The vast majority — as many as 98 percent — of people who visit your application or careers Web pages take no further action. Someone researching your company and its open positions might not be ready to enter formal application processes; if applying is the only relevant action on your page, then you risk losing engagement and forfeiting valuable candidates in the future. Offer engagement choices, such as a informational videos, a professional forum or community network on your site, or an invitation to like or follow your brand on social media. Engaged candidates are more likely to return and apply to future opportunities, and building your professional network means you have ample passive candidates for future job postings.

As digital tools become increasingly popular among employers and candidates alike, job seekers are less likely to arrive at your doorstep. The future of digital recruiting? Companies casting wide nets through digital means and creating easy application processes that reel in the best possible candidates.

Kyle Mahon is a Project Manager at VidCruiter. With a background in psychology and marketing, he offers a unique perspective on the impact of HR technology, video interviewing, and other industry trends. 



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