The Big Year in #RecTech Investments

In case you haven’t noticed investors are loving HR and recruiting technology plays. The top 12 investments so far this year have totaled $694 million in funding.

And its only June.

Numbers through June 10th

Its a staggering amount of money but it shows us that the appetite for this industry is still strong. The new crop of AI based vendors like AllyO, Eightfold and others is driving a lot of this interest.

I went back through our list of press releases for 2019 and found a few hundred million more investments that bring the total to nearly a billion dollars! Here’s a list of the other announcements the U.S. has seen this year.

  • Trusted Health $20 Million
  • Sense $13.5M
  • Lattice $15M
  • Astound $15.5M
  • Lumapps $24M
  • Skedulo $28M
  • Paradox $13M
  • Workramp $8M
  • Landit $13
  • Mom Project $8M
  • Wurk $11M
  • Vangst $10M
  • HumanPredictions $1M

Near record employment levels have accelerated the innovation in the recruiting space and if you have an idea, access to a good developer, a small team can create a product fairly easily these days. Employers are willing to try most anything if it shows promise in attracting talent.

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