SparcStart Empower: Revolutionizing Recruitment Marketing Asset Management

New York, NY – SparcStart, a leader in recruitment marketing innovation, is proud to unveil its latest product, Empower, the recruitment marketing portal that transforms how companies manage, measure, and share their employer brand and recruitment marketing assets. Adding accessibility, quality control, organization and analytics to sharing assets, companies can build a strong and consistent employer brand with far greater efficiency.

In an increasingly competitive recruitment landscape, having a centralized repository for all recruitment marketing assets is essential. Empower simplifies this process by providing companies with a unified platform to manage a variety of assets, ranging from videos and images to documents and links. With a robust multi-level tagging system, these assets become easily searchable, making it effortless for teams to locate and utilize the right content.

One of the standout features of Empower is its seamless sharing capabilities. Companies can now share their employer brand and recruitment marketing videos, images, blogs, links and other assets directly with candidates and across social media platforms with a single click. This not only enhances engagement but also allows for a consistent brand presence across various channels.

Empower is designed to seamlessly integrate with a company’s entire tech stack, creating a cohesive ecosystem for recruitment marketing. This integration ensures that companies can effectively leverage their assets across all touchpoints, maximizing their reach and impact.

“Our goal with Empower is to help companies work efficiently and realize the maximum ROI from their recruiting assets,” said Maury Hanigan, SparcStart’s CEO. “We have found that if recruiters can’t find what they need quickly and easily, they either create something on the fly, grab something similar or skip it altogether. That behavior undermines a consistent and quality employer brand.”

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Empower goes beyond mere asset management; it boosts efficiency by tracking asset utilization and activity across various channels, including social media and direct communication with candidates. It tells TA leaders what is being used, where and by whom. The analytics allow decision makers to invest future time and budget in assets that are used and generate results.

Key features of Empower include default expiration dates to prevent the use of outdated materials, an approval process to uphold brand standards, direct integration with social media sites for seamless posting, and a “What’s New” listing to keep recruiters informed about recently added assets. The platform’s user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and scalability make it an indispensable tool for any well-run Talent Acquisition function.

With its impressive credentials as a certified minority-owned business and recipient of two Top HR Tech Product of the Year awards, SparcStart continues to drive innovation in the recruitment marketing landscape. Empower is a testament to SparcStart’s dedication to simplifying processes and enhancing recruitment practices for enterprises of all sizes.

For more information about Empower and how it can transform your recruitment marketing efforts, please visit

About SparcStart: SparcStart is a leading recruitment marketing platform that updates the HR tech stack by overlaying existing tools such as the ATS, CRM and career site, making them video-enabled and increasing candidate engagement and connection. With a focus on user-friendliness and no-code integrations, SparcStart increases the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting efforts.

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