Perengo Applies Adtech to Transform Recruitment

As the US economy nears full employment, competition is fierce to hire the best talent. Recruiters, often using spreadsheets and other tools to manage their job ad campaigns, are manually posting job ads in different formats across a variety of online channels. The result: recruitment costs are increasing while returns on employment ad spend are often disappointing.

“Today’s typical job seeker might engage with job ads at 15 different, context-driven touchpoints throughout the day, and across various digital channels. It’s a tall order to expect a human to design, deploy and manage an effective recruitment campaign that reaches such a candidate at the right time and via the right channel,” said Mike Kofi Okyere, founder and CEO of Perengo. “That’s where we come in.”

To streamline and accelerate the recruitment advertising process, and give recruiters granular control over their advertising spend, Perengo has launched a suite of new tools that automate the entire process and provide insights that improve the effectiveness of any campaign. The Perengo DSP (for demand-side platform) leverages proven adtech techniques that have revolutionized the travel and ecommerce industries to deliver massive efficiency gains to the recruitment sector.

Perengo DSP saves time and money for recruiters in three ways:

1. Automate. Perengo DSP completely automates the onerous tasks of job ad distribution and campaign management so that employers can engage with job seekers across a wide array of devices and channels.

2. Analyze. Built-in business intelligence tools measure and analyze the effectiveness of the recruitment campaign in real time.

3. Optimize. Machine-learning algorithms build on these insights to automatically optimize where and when job ads are placed.

“Our experience in the advertising industry led us to see how an approach that transformed media buys for brands could eliminate a major headache for recruiters: managing and optimizing ad spend,” said Okyere. “During initial pilots of the Perengo DSP we received very positive feedback from our clients. In comparison to their manual workflows, recruiters are already saving many hours every week. Additionally, compared to other market solutions, they have seen significant improvements in terms of qualified applicant volume.”

Recruiters use Perengo DSP to automate job distribution across their existing job boards and through Perengo’s publisher network. The platform’s integrated data analytics suite helps companies to maximize return on investment in terms of more and better qualified applicants.

Perengo DSP delivers four important benefits over traditional methods:

  • Scale up your campaigns. Activate trusted job board partners and gain additional reach through the Perengo network — all in a single solution.
  • Boost efficiency: Spend less time monitoring recruitment channels. Perengo programmatically manages talent sourcing.
  • Optimize recruitment investment. Perengo automatically deploys recruitment budgets in the most effective way.
  • Achieve business goals. Perengo’s analytics and data platform systematically improves recruitment campaigns.

See what the Perengo DSP can do for your business by signing up for a free demo:

About Perengo 
Perengo is a programmatic recruitment platform. High-growth businesses and Fortune 500 companies use the Perengo DSP (demand-side platform) to solve their recruitment challenges at scale. The platform provides tools for operational recruitment automation and strategic business intelligence. Perengo was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing state-of-the art advertising technology to the recruitment market.

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