Newly Upgraded Pipeline for Hiretual PRO Users

Many months ago, I was looking for a sourcing tool that was accurate, fast, and affordable.

While reviewing some of the Recruiters Facebook Groups, I found out about Hiretual and was immediately impressed with all the benefits that you can get, at such an affordable price.

3 ways to quickly get candidates

I kept using it and voila, I made my first placement using Hiretual within a month!

Then a few weeks ago, they presented us with the new Hiretual V3 and I was invited to try it.

  • Integrations with other systems (ATS/CRM)

For me the best part is that Hiretual now has so many ATS integrations. I’m confident that there are even more coming out very soon.

  • Clean and easy sourcing management

The Hiretual team was thrilled to announce the new sourcing management functionality. In the past 4 months, many of us spoke to the Hiretual team and requested for a simple and an easy solution to manage our sourcing pipeline. They heard us! The team is said to work day and night to deliver and refine their already amazing product for us. The fact is this is a winning team who really appreciates your feedback and support. Your voice is the power of Hiretual to continue its constant improvements and innovation.

A new feature has been added called the “Nurture track” which allows you to create email marketing automation or drip campaigns and also track your response rate. The best part is that the candidate responses arrive directly in your Gmail/Outlook inbox, and you know what integrates with those two? Almost everything.

Improved Reporting Features

How about giving your hiring manager peace of mind by showing him his top of the funnel performance – and how much work you have done in the last 3 days?

Sourcing Toolbox with AI Sourcing, Github & Facebook Search, Boolean String Builder, & Cross Referencing

Did I also mention the sourcing toolbox? …

Hiretual is a good product, but more than anything I love the team behind the product. What they are doing and their work. Keep up the good work Hiretual!

Thank you, Hiretual, for making my life easier! #gettingbettereveryday

By Mariel Castellanos

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