Meet goldi, the ‘video only’ job board out of NYC


I’ve been waiting for a site like this to emerge in the recruiting industry. With the amount of video job content emanating from employers today, a video only job platform like was bound to happen one day.

The company which has been in stealth mode for the past year was founded in New York by Melanie Andersen, who spent 17 years working in executive search before founding the company. goldi is a website and mobile app featuring short bursts of visual job specific content that employers pay to upload. To my knowledge it is the first such public video job board that connects job seekers and companies through short videos.

From their web site or ios app, companies create quick video job descriptions about their role and who they are looking to hire. Job seekers respond with video applications answering the three questions asked by the company specific to the role. goldi video applications often eliminate the need for first interviews, saving time on both sides.

I asked Andersen by email to comment on the opportunity she sees for goldi.

“So much time is wasted throughout the interview process, especially at the beginning. You receive a resume and evaluate the persons skill sets, however you still need to meet them in person to get an initial sense of whether they could be right for the role and are a cultural fit, before starting them through the interview process.”

She continued to say that though video interview software tools exist today, none are used at the point of application like goldi is. Andersen believes goldi video applications speed up the interview process. She says “ Reviewing a goldi video application takes only two minutes and can be done at any time, compared to the average 45 minute in person interview”. They save so much time and are a productivity tool for anyone in a recruiting role” she added.

How It Works

A video job description is a short video created from the goldi web site or mobile app by the hiring manager or Recruiter where  describe the role, skills and personality traits they are seeking. In their dashboard, the employer decides the three questions they want the job seeker to answer when they respond to their role with a video application.

goldi promises that only “highly engaged” job seekers will respond since they must be able to answer the three questions asked by the company. So employers will likely have less applications than other platforms, but the quality will be there.

Companies and Recruiters can also include the link to the goldi video job description in their headhunt emails or in other job posts, and use goldi as a screening tool. Video job postings start at $250.

Up until now videos like these have been silo-ed in company career sites or strewn about all over Youtube. But I see goldi as a chance to change that and provide a single destination to view video job content. What’s also interesting about it is that job seekers can only apply by creating a video application that is unique for each position and can’t be used again for other roles. Additionally, companies also have to create video job descriptions, evening the playing field.

Though I haven’t downloaded their app yet the web version is simple and visual. The home page loads quickly and videos are arranged in tiles horizontally. You can watch any video without a popup which makes browsing them a breeze. For any kind of video site like this it has got to be simple to navigate. goldi’s interface has that nailed.

For those that don’t want to browse Youtube style, there is also a keyword search box, much like a traditional job site.

Here’s what one of the job videos look like.

Why Use It?

“goldi is great for new companies who may not have a lot of brand recognition. The video job descriptions allow companies to bring their role and people to life in a way that a written job description never can. Job seekers LOVE the video applications because they are hearing directly from companies and their potential new boss or team member”, said Melanie.

As I mentioned, use of video is gaining lots of traction in the recruiting world as TA and Employment Brand leaders look at ways to proactively spread their hiring messages. A growing number of video recruiting services have already entered the fray including VideoMyJob and Altru Labs.  

One thing is for sure, millennials and Gen Z love it. Instagram has basically become their ‘visual glassdoor’ and given the choice most of them would rather watch a job description than read it.

As a former job board executive I think goldi has a chance to do something interesting in our space…As long as they can execute and play the long game. Andersen says she plans on leveraging the candidate database she’s built over 17 years to help with spreading the word.

It will take effort, persistence and marketing chops to make it work but they have an opportunity before them to become something like ‘Youtube for Jobs’.

I have seen a lot of startups come and go inside the RecTech space over the years. There are no sure bets. But maybe goldi can speed up the video gold rush and take a seat at the table. It’s a recruiting solution worth exploring.

This is a sponsored content post from goldi


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