Interesting Job Title Ideas

From the Rework blog;

Let these inspire the next job description you write:

Office Happiness Advocate

Translation: I help my company build positive and lasting relationships with its employees by coming up with creative ways to engage them online and offline.

The appeal: Who doesn’t want to be known for making people happy? But this feel-good title has a real business purpose, too: No company can thrive if its employees aren’t happy. “Workplace happiness isn’t about behavior change, though that can be part of it. More pivotal are the leaders of happy companies, who we’ve found are better at infusing positive energy into their work and teams,” says Dede Henley, founder of Henley Leadership Group.

Data Wrangler

Translation: I use complex software programs to make data more useful for my company to analyze and use in business decision-making.

The appeal:Working with data is tough. Making it understandable to non-data people? Even more so. This title makes the person who wrestles and tames data sound legendary. “Companies like to play ‘dress up,'” Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella told Business Insider. “By wearing the clothes, adopting the lingo, and mimicking the behavior of companies they want to be like, they hope to have some of the magic rub off on them.”


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