How To Be A Successful Recruiter

It’s not always easy being a recruiter, and there are plenty of skills that are needed for success, but lucky for you I’m going to tell you a few tips and tricks for how to be a successful recruiter!


  • Firstly, respond to people! If you are able to respond to both candidates and clients and convey your knowledge about the vacancy then people will invest more confidence in your ability.  Similarly, ensuring that you stay professional while using a friendly tone will make people, especially candidates, feel more comfortable contacting you.
  • Another great skill for recruiters is listening.  From listening to the stories a candidate tells you, to listening to a client talking about the role they want to advertise, you can gather as much information as possible.
  • Time management is a crucial part of being a recruiter, from making sure that screening applications isn’t delayed, that candidates are contacted swiftly and clients are checked in with regularly.  It is important that you can prioritise your tasks and delegate them amongst a team if need be.
  • A further skill comes in being able to foresee the future (we’re all secretly psychics), being aware of new plans within the company, whether this is your company or a client’s.  By knowing whether a candidate will fit into the future of a company, you can tell whether they are the best choice for the role.
  • Similarly, embracing modern technology as a way of recruiting can give you a great advantage over those recruiters who are more traditional.  For example, by using social media to advertise vacancies and resource potential candidates, you have a wider scope of candidates to advertise to and choose from.
  • Keeping your candidates engaged is my final tip on how to be a successful recruiter.  By staying in contact with your best candidates they will know that they can invest in you, and that you are still interested in their job search.  By encouraging them to contact you whenever they need to, giving recommendations in how to improve their chances of getting a new job, and keeping them in the loop with the progress of their applications you can keep loyal candidates with great skills.


I hope that my tips on how to be a successful recruiter have helped, and you can now go forward and succeed in every role you have to fill!  For further tips and tricks surrounding the recruitment industry, check out the rest of our blog!


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