How Technology Can Improve Employee Onboarding

If you are a business owner, then you probably know that finding the right candidate during the hiring process is a critical step in creating a successful company. By hiring the top talent available, you help to ensure that the process will run smoothly and that the employee will adjust to the new setting. However, there are many facets of the onboarding process that are outdated and these can cause delays and make for a negative overall experience. Here are several ways that technology can improve employee onboarding.

Expedites Application Process

Similar to other advancements in technology, much of the onboarding process is becoming digital. No longer will applicants be forced to sit, hovered over seemingly endless amounts of paperwork, while stuck in an unused conference room or an empty office.

Instead, many businesses are starting to switch their tactics, by introducing their onboarding forms in digital formats. By using digital formats, candidates are able to complete much of the paperwork that is required of them from the convenience of their laptop or cell phone. In addition to the increased user experience, digital forms are much more efficient and less costly.

Introductions Through Video

Many workers find that the most difficult aspect of a new job is learning the names and personalities of their coworkers and management. This often leads to awkward conversations and calling other employees by the wrong name. It is for this reason that more and more companies are using videos for introduction purposes.

By implementing a video introduction, new employees can get to know the staff at their new place of employment without having the usual stress of the introduction process. If you are a business, consider having team members create short video introductions that show their talents, as well as their personality.

Improves Training

At times, the training process can be an arduous one, often involving hours of classroom time. Many businesses are taking notice of this fact, and are, in turn, creating training programs that are available in digital format. It used to be that creating a digital training program was only an option for certain positions, but as technology has progressed, the flexibility of these digital training programs has increased greatly.

Because of this, it is becoming easier for businesses to develop customized training modules, of which, employees can spend learning in a setting that makes them most comfortable. This can expedite the learning process significantly, and cut down on unnecessary expenses related to employee training.

Data Analysis

Measuring the progression of new employees is vital to creating an efficient workplace. If an employee is struggling to adjust, and this goes unnoticed for an extended period of time, it can end up costing a company significant amounts of money, in addition to wasted effort. To decrease the probability of problems arising during the onboarding process, many businesses are now using technology to track the progress of their new hires. A company can get a strong idea of the competency level of a new employee by determining, and quantifying, a number of criteria that are typical indicators of an employee’s success, and then analyze this data to track their progression.

There is no doubt that the hiring of new employees can be fraught with many obstacles. If a candidate fails to adjust, this can end up costing a business significant amount of money and wasted time. It is for these reasons that many businesses are beginning to utilize technology to improve the onboarding experience. By using digital forms and video introductions, businesses can greatly increase efficiency and save money. Furthermore, implementing digital training programs and metrics will help new employees adjust more easily. If you are looking for ways to improve your onboarding program, consider utilizing the power of technology.

Heidi Finigan is a technology enthusiast with an unquenchable love for all types of new gadgets and apps. Her passion for technology manifests in her job too as she writes for VPN Compass, often covering Internet and data security topics.

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