First Day #Onboarding Tips

Your new hire’s first day sets the tone for their success at your workplace. We asked our network for how they welcome their new employees on day one.

employee first day tips

As the CEO of RedPeg, an award-winning experiential marketing firm in Washington, DC, fostering a positive company culture and making sure our employees are happy is a top priority that starts at day one. My top two suggestions for welcoming a new hire on their first day would be:

Make sure to include some get-to-know-you time. It is easy in today’s fast-paced environment to hit the ground running and not give new hires a chance to meet their teammates. Start their first day with a group lunch so that they can get acquainted with coworkers before delving into projects. Little things like this make a big difference in the long run.

Keep the door open, immediately.  In a feature I wrote on the essential aspects of company culture, I stress the importance of transparency and communication. Establish this on the first day by simply getting to know your employee, asking them about their hobbies, family and ambitions. Don’t forget to emphasize clear lines of communication and total transparency so that they start to feel connected and loyal from the beginning.

 Submitted by CEO of RedPeg Marketing, Brad Nierenberg

One I really liked – have all the employees line up and the new hires pass between them getting high fives like athletes enter in a stadium.

Judah Ross, Regional Sales Director at Education Partners

At Jobvite, new employees are surprised with a flurry of balloons tied to their desks. They’re also encouraged to bring in treats for “rookie cookies,” an excuse for existing employees to drop by for a snack, introduce themselves, and chit chat.

Submitted by Jobvite.

I think one of the best things you can do is give a new hire (especially if a move was involved) a Triage Card that has listed HR direct lines, restaurants with the best take out, best grocery store nearby, utility customer service numbers, best home store, handyman recommendations, etc. Maybe even a casserole that they can warm up at home while unpacking. Remember what it’s like to move somewhere and how you were in the first few days in a new place and give them the tips, numbers, referrals that you wished you had at the ready.  Then on day 31 or so move past triage to traditional Welcome Wagon outreach strategies.

Submitted by Dr. Katherine Loflin, The City Doctor

Tip #1: The boss or supervisor, should invite the new employee out for lunch or for a coffee break.  Spending those extra minutes getting to know your supervisor in a more relaxed setting gives each an opportunity to begin building their working relationship.

Tip#2: An existing employee should walk around and personally introduce the new hire to the new member of the team. This begins the process of inclusion that is necessary for effective team building.

Sent in by Felicia Lucas, Manager and Regional HR Facilitator for a National Retailer

  1. Start building personal relationships with your immediate team
    Real personal relationships is what makes a company and a career work. People who think it is about their skills or the deadlines or working long hours have it backwards. You can do all those things and be successful. When you do all those things as a team, you can build an epic career. So, get started building real relationships on day one. Ask about kids, significant others, favorite foods, and whatever else comes up along the way. This is important, spend time on it.
  2. Do your best to get setup
    Sometimes you will have a computer and phone and list of things to do. Other times none of those things will be ready. Just do your best to get setup, communicate with your boss or mentor where you are at, and be proactive. I love it when my new hire comes to me and says they’ve already called or been to the IT help desk on day one to address something.
  3. Be on time and don’t leave early
    Showing up on time is something you have complete control over. It doesn’t take any special training, skills, development, certifications, or credentials. Show your team that you value them and their time and get it right starting on day one.

Sent by Jeffrey Kelly, corporate career graduate and career coach

At Post+Beam, we like to welcome new comers with a welcome package of things they might find useful for their time with the company – a fun notebook, writing utensils, a GC to a neighborhood coffee shop, etc. We also supply them with a handbook that goes beyond the payroll/compliance guidelines – letting them know who’s who within the company, an overview of clients, and tips and tricks of how things run within the office.

Submitted by Kelly Howard, Director at Post+Beam

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