Go From Job Seeker to Full Time Employee With These Digital Tools

Searching for a new job is something that you may never be able to call easy or hassle-free, but the process may be easier and more productive for you now than it was for job seekers many years ago. There are now numerous job search engines, apps and other online services that are designed to help job seekers like jobs to apply for, promote themselves to potential employers and more.


With a closer look at what these tools are, you can more easily go from a job seeker to a full-time employee. You can find all the apps and tools mentioned here with a simple Google Search, or just browse through Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

1. Start with LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains one of the leading social media platforms for professionals in a wide range of industries, and this means that you need to be using LinkedIn fully. Spend time developing or updating your LinkedIn profile. Remember that it is a space where you can and should toot your own horn. Self-promotion on LinkedIn will help you to get the attention of recruiters and hiring manager. You can also use LinkedIn to produce or share content with others and even to interact with others about job openings.

2. Focus on Other Social Media Platforms

While LinkedIn may be the most professionally-oriented social media platform, it is not the only platform that deserves your time and attention. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other online platforms can effectively be used by job seekers to identify job openings and even to get noticed by employers. Consider joining groups and organizations or pages on these platforms that are closely affiliated with your industry, and you may be surprised how effective some of these sources are for your job hunting efforts.

3. Use a Landing Page

If you do not have a well-developed landing page, such as on About.me or another similar space, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to expand your reach digitally, on a global scale. A landing page is like a digital cover page or calling card. It professionally displays all of your information for others to see, and it can be creatively designed so that it showcases your personality in a unique and eye-catching way.

4. Use JobMo and SWITCH
JobMo and SWITCHapp.com

Two of the leading apps that you can use when looking for a job are JobMo and SWITCH. With JobMo, your phone will sync with Google Maps so that you can quickly and easily find job listings that are located close to where you are at any given time. SWITCH is a job seeker’s app that lets you browse through online job listings and that notifies companies when you express interest in their opening.

5. Think About Indeed

Indeed is not ideal for all job seekers, but it is an excellent platform to consider when searching for jobs in many different fields and industries. Because its job search functions are more demanding and complicated to work with, it can take time to learn how to use the features.


For many job seekers, Indeed is a platform to explore when you have not had luck with other platforms. While the advanced features will require some time and focus, they ultimately allow you to filter out listings that are not ideal for you so that you can concentrate your attention on the top options available.

6. Try JobCase

Another excellent tool to use is JobCase. This platform caters to individuals who are looking for part-time employment or who only want an hourly rather than salaried position. This may be ideal for those who lack experience or who are looking for a second job. Through JobCase, you can also locate a mentor in your field who may be able to assist with your job search efforts.

7. Put Anthology to use

Anthology, which was once called Poachable, is a discreet job seeking tool that employers may also use. After you create a detailed user profile, Anthology actively tries to match your qualifications and experience with what employers are looking for. This is done in a passive and private way. Oh, and keep in mind that there’s a study app with the same name. Don’t get the two confused!

8. AngelList is ideal for startups

Many job seekers are interested in working for a startup, or a aspiring entrepreneurs looking into running their own business. You may want to be involved in a venture from the ground up and enjoy the dynamic work environment that these ventures are known for. Angelist helps startups find angel investors, but you can also use it to look for new ventures that are in your field.


You simply have to click a link on a startup listing expressing your interest in the venture, and you may immediately be connected to that company. This may not directly tell you which companies have job openings, but it lets you find startups that may be interested in putting your skills to use at some point.

9. Save Time With JobHero

JobHero is an app that is designed to help you manage all of your job search efforts in a streamlined way. Finding a new job can be stressful, and this is partially related to the need to keep track of all of the jobs that you have applied to and to follow up with each of the hiring managers individually. JobHero tracks this information for you in one convenient location, and you can even set reminders for yourself to follow up as needed.

10. JobFairing can definitely help you

Job fairs are a great place for you to interact with potential employers one-on-one without having to be called in for an interview directly. JobFairing is a directory that lets you find job fairs in your area that may have featured employers that you are interested in connecting with. After you sign up with JobFairing, you can request alerts, email updates and more to stay in the loop about events in your area.

Finding a new job in today’s tough market can be stressful and time-consuming. You need to plan in mind for tackling your job hunting task head-on. Now is a great time to explore some of these and other tools available for job seekers and to develop a plan to effectively find your next job with minimum hassle.

About the author:
Josh McAllister is a freelance technology journalist with years of experience in the IT sector. He is passionate about helping small business owners understand how technology can save them time and money. Find him on Twitter @josh8mcallister  


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