Freelancer Management Systems for Employers

Freelancer management systems exist to make it easier to onboard, manage and pay all of your freelancers while ensuring legal compliance with all state and federal employment laws. With the rise of freelance work today there are a number of new software tools to manage your on demand workforce.

According to Upwork the freelancer marketplace, 39% of Americans are now freelancing full time or on the side. This means companies need better ways of tracking, connecting with and paying them. That’s where freelancer management systems come into play.

We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of the available freelancer systems on the market you can take advantage of.

  • AllWork – they help companies more efficiently manage and pay every type of freelancer they need for their business including all hourly, consulting, contract, and project-based workers for both short and long-term assignments across all job functions, departments, and roles.
  • And Friends – Talent Management Platform that provides an end to end solution to sourcing, managing and paying your blended freelance and internal talent-force. They also feature a global marketplace from which you can hire freelancers.
  • Flextribe – in addition to talent management, onboard, offboarding and payroll, you can also connect with highly qualified freelance consultants within IT, Tech and Management in their marketplace.
  • Job Bliss – described as a ‘FRM’ or ‘Freelancer Relationship Management’ Platform, Job Bliss helps companies of any size, Manage, Retain, & Forecast top talent across their entire organization. With both a Private Database, and a Public Marketplace, companies can safely and easily build and manage their internal and external teams, at a fraction of the cost of other systems.
  • Mothership Corp – This is a project management system for your freelance talent. You can pay and track projects within the dashboard and connect to vetted freelancers in a variety of creating skill sets.
  • Stoke Talent – they claim to get rid of the financial, admin, and legal headaches of working with independent contractors, freelancers, gig workers, and consultants.
  • – all in one platform for hiring, onboarding, workforce management, payments and integrations. Benefits: Improves operational efficiency and workforce visibility.
  • Talon FMS – Freelancer Management System (or FMS) for organisations to control costs, reduce the risks and maximize the value of their Direct Sourcing, Freelance, Consultancy & Private Talent Pools. Our cloud-based platform enables companies to increase the efficiency of their extended workforce and gain full visibility of their direct, on-demand channels. Compatible with SAP.
  • WorkGenius – Featuring their own marketplace, WorkGenius offers a end-to-end freelance hiring and management solution. “We deliver an innovative technology-based approach to staffing for faster access to vetted talent, at industry-leading rates, with fewer payment and compliance headaches.”
  • Worksuite – Source, onboard, manage, and pay your contractors. Simplify your workflow and information
  • Worksome – Find, contract, and pay external workers in one place. Build, manage and retain your external workforce with the only tool built to manage independent contractors with robust compliance and fast payments.

Benefits of a Freelancer Management System

The freelancer management system is a great resource for businesses who need to manage freelancers. With this system, businesses can streamline freelancer workflow and easily track freelancer progress. It also enables companies to manage freelancers more efficiently by reducing paperwork and automating the communication process.

Additionally, businesses can save time and money with the automated payment feature of the freelancer management system. The system simplifies contract management and makes it easier to search for qualified freelancers when needed. Businesses can also set up rules and access control measures to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information.

Overall, using a freelancer management system provides numerous benefits such as streamlined workflow, improved communication, automated payments, simplified contract management, increased security, and easier freelancer search. It is an essential tool for businesses that need to leverage freelancers to help them stay competitive in the market.

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