Entelo Introduces Predictive Sourcing Tool

Entelo Envoy is the new predictive sourcing tool from San Francisco based Entelo, that promises to “put your sourcing on autopilot”. I conducted an email Q&A interview with Mike Trigg, GM of Entelo Envoy who is also the company’s CMO. Here’s what he told me.

1. Can you explain the AI and machine learning portions of the product? Is it true AI or just machine learning?

The AI behind this product begins with the data set itself. Entelo sits on approximately 500 million candidate profiles, aggregated from 50+ data sources. We examine how these profiles change over time, then use AI to predict future change. In other words, looking at half a billion worker profiles, the technology uses candidate activity patterns to determine how likely someone is to leave a job, thus, how “recruitable” the candidate is.

Entelo Envoy combines these and other features to predict the top candidates that a recruiter might put in front of a hiring manager by removing all under and over qualified candidates. Further, AI is also at work when Entelo Envoy sends an email on behalf of a recruiter, determining the best time to send that email based on response patterns of candidates past. This does two things: saves tremendous amounts of time otherwise spent manually hunting down the best profiles; then provides proprietary insights like when they’re likely to make a move and data-backed insights on outreach best practices. 

2. Describe two examples of success with your clients.

Entelo already has more than 75 customers using the Envoy product to source candidates. Many reported significant pipeline generation and in some cases, Entelo Envoy accounted for up to 50 percent of the entire candidate pipeline. In fact, Greenhouse Software told us the pipeline for one particular role (sales manager) had 167 candidates total and 75 of those candidates came directly from Entelo, which ended up as 44% of the total candidate pipeline.

Another Envoy customer, Workiva, reported they were able to increase candidate response rates by 20% with Envoy compared to other tools. 

3. How much time will it save the average sourcer?

Entelo eliminates tedious, time-consuming manual workflows and optimizes sourcing efforts, so talent teams are freed up to build meaningful connections and more strategically compete for talent. Specifically, customers report spending approximately 30 minutes weekly in Envoy. We know that on average, hiring professionals spend 13 hours per week sourcing for just one role so we can estimate time spent sourcing drops by approximately 96% with the use of Envoy.

4. How does it work?

Entelo Envoy relieves recruiters by automating the manual and repetitive aspects of sourcing, making their workflows much more efficient. It does so by:

  • Identifying top talent: Using patent-pending AI technology and machine learning algorithms, Envoy quickly finds candidates based on criteria set by recruiters. It automatically sorts, analyzes and ranks a person’s fit for an open position across several attributes, including job title, work history, skills, likeliness to leave their current role and more. Envoy also provides a real-time preview of candidates to determine the effect of various criteria and weighting in identifying potential hires. Rich candidate profiles enable recruiters to view details about candidates quickly and easily.

  • Contacting candidates proactively: Envoy reaches out to the best candidates at optimal times, contacting them with personalized messages. Recruiters can set controls to engage with candidates on the same day or delay contact until a time proven to yield the highest response rate. Envoy also sends automatic follow-up emails to candidates making sure quality prospects are nurtured along the way.

  • Delivering prospective hires to right your inbox: When candidates engage with companies through Envoy, their responses go directly to the inbox of the recruiter or hiring manager. Recruiters also benefit from analytics that show the effectiveness of specific outreach efforts. 

5. Can you buy it stand-alone or do you have to be an Entelo customer?

Entelo Envoy builds upon the company’s existing platform.

6. What is the cost?

Entelo Envoy is priced per role. The total cost varies depending on a company’s hiring needs and how many slots they decide to use.

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