Corporate Recruiter: ‘People aren’t as logical as you think’

In this interview with Corporate Recruiter, Erin Stevens I asker her what advice she would give to a new person just starting out in recruiting/HR. Her answer was so true!

People aren’t as logical as you think they are. You know ’cause I’m a very logical person. Two plus two equals four normally, you know if you give, Sally tells you she wants $80,000 a year and you gave her $80,000 a year, she’s gonna take it right? No. People aren’t logical. I’ve had many, many offers or many candidates that I thought were one way, and then something crazy happened, and they either disappear off the planet, or you know they do something totally nuts that I didn’t see coming. I had one guy, I set up a great phone interview, you know qualified, wants to move out to an area. I set up, I mean he was very responsive on his emails back and forth, set up his travel to go interview with the team, he did a phone interview, set up everything. Flights, hotel. The day of his interview, the HR manager emails me, “Hey Erin, Joe didn’t show up.” “What do you mean Joe didn’t show up?” ” Joe just didn’t show up.” So I call our travel agency, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, what happened, maybe he’s lost.” I called, left him a message. He didn’t answer. I called the travel agency, found out he never even got on the plane. Never picked up the car. So I finally get a text message from him, he was like, “Oh I was sick.” That was it. I was like, “Okay, yeah we’re not gonna reschedule.”

You can hear her answer around minute 35 of the above podcast interview. Tune in for your talents sake.

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