“Data” Jobs Top CareerCast’s 2019 Jobs Rated Report

Worst Jobs Involve Danger, Stress, Low Pay and Declining Outlook: Technological Advancements Drive Down Demand

Carlsbad, CA (May 7, 2019) – Data-driven fields, such as Data Scientist, Statistician, Information Security Analyst, Actuary and Mathematician are among the best jobs of the year, according to the 31st edition of the Jobs Rated report released today. On the flip side, the worst jobs, which may have a combination of high stress, poor work environment, negative occupational outlook and low salary, include Taxi Driver, Logging Worker, Disc Jockey, and Newspaper Reporter.

“The collection, interpretation and implementation and even protection of data contribute to some of the best jobs of the year,” says Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor, CareerCast. “Demand for the top job — Data Scientist — is high with a 19% growth outlook, and the skill sets required to work in the field comes at a premium with an annual median salary of $118,370.”

Other numbers-based professions ranking among the 10 best jobs of 2019 have outstanding outlooks and great pay.  

Actuary, which deals with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty, is a mainstay on the best jobs rankings, and remains in the top 10 for yet another year. This data-driven field in risk assessment pays well ($102,880) and has great growth outlook (22%).

The importance of skilled Information Security Analysts cannot be overstated, whether it’s protecting our individual data or preventing interference in elections. With a growth outlook of 28% and an annual median salary over $98,000, Information Security Analyst scores highly in two of the Jobs Rated report’s core criteria.

University Professor scores favorably in environmental factors, as well as outlook and pay. If one job ties all of the best of 2019 together, it’s this one. Tenured professors have relatively high job security and professional freedom, as well as intellectual stimulation. While a master’s degree may be sufficient to teach in a two-year college, a doctoral or terminal degree is required to teach in four-year colleges and universities.

“Education is key for most of the top jobs,” says Kensing. “Every one of the best jobs of 2019 requires at least an undergraduate degree.”

Technological Advancements Affect Hiring Outlook

Jobs in steep hiring decline rank in the bottom 10 for 2019, including Logging Worker (-13%), Newspaper Reporter and Disc Jockey (-9%). The common theme among these professions is technological advancements that have driven down demand for their products and services. In the case of Logging Workers, less demand for paper products has played a significant part in the industry’s hiring drop. For Disc Jockeys, the boom in popularity of services like Spotify, while radio stations have gone to using automation, have had their own negative effects. Diminishing print subscriptions and more consumption online has led to the declining outlook for newspaper reporters. 

The worst job of 2019, Taxi Driver, still checks in with a positive growth outlook, but has seen a precipitous drop in its projections commensurate with the rising popularity of ride-share apps.

Low pay is another of the contributing factors for low ranking in the Jobs Rated report. Of the 10 worst jobs of 2019, four of them have an annual median salary below $32,000. Only one pays above $52,000. And that job – Broadcaster, with an annual median salary of $66,880 – scores highly for stress due to the imposing and frequent deadlines, as well as working in the public eye.

“However, some of the most important jobs to our society land in the bottom 10, like Enlisted Military Personnel and Newspaper Reporter,” notes Kensing. “These are necessary jobs that, for those with the ability to face the challenges, are especially rewarding.”

CareerCast’s 10 best jobs of 2019:

ProfessionAnnual Median SalaryGrowth Outlook (to 2026)
1. Data Scientist#118,37019%
2. Statistician$88,19033%
3. University Professor$78,47015%
4. Occupational Therapist$84,27024%
5. Genetic Counselor$80,37029%
6. Medical Services Manager$99,73020%
7. Information Security Analyst$98,35028%
8. Mathematician$88,19033%
9. Operations Research Analyst$83,39027%
10. Actuary$102,88022%

CareerCast’s 10 worst jobs of 2019:

ProfessionAnnual Median SalaryGrowth Outlook (to 2026)
220. Taxi Driver$25,9805%
219. Logging Worker$40,650-13%
218. Newspaper Reporter$43,490-9%
217. Retail Salesperson$24,3402%
216. Enlisted Military Personnel$26,802N/A
215. Correctional Officer$44,400-7%
214. Disc Jockey$31,990-9%
213. Nuclear Decontamination Technician$42,03017%
212. Advertising Salesperson$51,740-4%
211. Broadcaster$66,8800%

To read the full report, visit CareerCast.

CareerCast.com’s Jobs Rated Report has been published annually since 1988. The report utilizes a wide range of criteria such as income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands to rank 220 U.S. jobs annually. Each year the professions included in the report are evaluated for relevance in today’s workforce. To see the full rankings of all 220 jobs and the report’s methodology, visit CareerCast.

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