RoboRecruiter Chatbot Now Available on Bullhorn

San Francisco, CA, Feb 20th 2018 — Are you running Bullhorn and want to interact with your candidates using RoboRecruiter’s chatbot? With our new Chrome extension it is now only a couple of clicks away. You do not need to have any special Bullhorn integration access to get started. If you run Bullhorn with Google Chrome browser you are up and running in time to hit your months sales numbers out of the park! Data from each conversation easily flows back into Bullhorn as a searchable property.

Chatbots allow you to engage candidates at scale and get results back even faster. When you trigger a chatbot campaign over SMS you will generally see the majority results coming back within the first 10 minutes. For a recruiter, this allows you to fill that role fast! The RoboRecruiter chatbot will also engage and keep candidates active by checking back in with them in real time.

Our Chrome widget is in the early stages of development and connects up to many more ATS systems. If you are using an ATS and want to use RoboRecruiter, contact us and we can set it up.

To setup a free trial and demo of RoboRecruiter and Bullhorn sign up here


RoboRecruiter takes the guess-work out of Recruitment RPA (Robotic Process Automation).  We have worked with clients to create a suite of products which follow industry best-practice communication to manage and maintain data on the contacts that drive success in your business.  RoboRecruiter prides itself on its ability to bring these solutions to our clients with an accelerated adoption process that allows you to test and be up and running at lightning speed.

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