5 strategies for modern recruiters

By Talentlyft

If they want to be successful at finding and hiring their ideal job candidates, modern recruiters must use innovative recruitment strategies.

The old-fashioned “post and pray” strategy is not enough anymore. If you think that you can just list your job openings on your company website and share it on a few job boards and simply wait for your perfect candidate to apply, you’re in a big trouble.

The current job market is candidate driven. This means that the demand for candidates, especially highly skilled candidates, is higher than the supply. In other words, there are more vacant job than qualified job seekers.

As a consequence, talented candidates are now in the position of power. Since they receive multiple job offers from different companies, they now have the benefit of picking and choosing between employers.

If you want the top talent to choose your company as their next employer, you need to cut through the noise other companies are making and stand out. In order to do that you need to be proactive and use innovative recruitment strategies.

Lately there has been a lot of buzz created around the new recruiting trends you should implement in 2018.  Some of them have been widely adopted by modern recruiters and turned into the must have recruiting strategies.

Here is our list of the top 5 most effective among them that you can start using today to improve your hiring process:

1. Employee Referral Programs

Employee Referral Programs are modern recruiters’ favorite strategy for finding high-quality candidates. Why? Because they deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Candidates hired through Employee Referral Programs make the best employees in many ways: they take shortest to hire, they are the least expensive to hire and they stay longer with companies compared to candidates that come from other sources such as job boards and career sites.  

2. Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate Relationship Management is the secret weapon of modern recruiters. Instead of just collecting resumes, modern recruiters are invested in building and maintaining good relationships with candidates.

In order to create talent pools and have great candidates at their disposal whenever they need them, modern recruiters foster relationships not only with current, but also past and potential future candidates.

3. Content creation and Inbound Recruiting

Gone are the days when the only content created by recruiters were job descriptions. These days modern recruiters are creating a wide variety of specialized recruiting content, such as: employee stories and testimonials, employer branding videos, social media posts etc.

This recruitment strategy is called Inbound Recruiting. The goal of Inbound Recruiting strategy is to attract the attention of qualified candidates and engage them by sending them interesting recruiting content until they are ready to convert into job applicants.

4. Recruitment analytics and KPIs

Not so long ago, tracking the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and  leveraging the power of recruitment analytics was a luxury reserved for large enterprises with substantial resources and experts teams of data analysts.

However, this has changed with an emergence of recruiting tools created for small and midsize business (SMBs). With tools such as TalentLyft, modern recruiters can easily track and measure the most important hiring metrics and gain data-backed insights into every step of their recruiting process.

5. Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing is another great recruitment strategy adopted by modern recruiters.

In order to differentiate their company and make their employment offer stand out, modern recruiters have started using marketing methods and tactics in recruiting.

This recruitment strategy is known as Recruitment Marketing. Modern recruiters, using marketing tactics, know how to “market” themselves as employers with Employer Branding and trigger candidates’ interests by presenting a compelling Employee Value Proposition.  

How many of these 5 recruitment strategies are you using?

The most successful modern recruiters are using ALL of them. So what are you waiting for? If you want to stay in the talent game, you need to implement these strategies as soon as possible.

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