Young Adults See Skilled Trades as a Viable Career Path

A new report from Thumbtack finds that young adults are increasingly interested in pursuing careers in the skilled trades.

The survey of 1,000 U.S. adults aged 18-30 found that 47% of respondents are interested in a trade profession, and 83% believe that learning a skilled trade is sometimes a better pathway to economic security than going to college.

The report also found that young adults are drawn to the skilled trades for a number of reasons, including flexible schedules, faster educational programs, less expensive education, and quicker entry into the workforce. Additionally, 74% of young adults believe that skilled trades jobs won’t be replaced by AI.

“There’s never been a better time to enter the trades,” said Marco Zappacosta, CEO and co-founder of Thumbtack. “With a lower barrier to entry than in the past and incredible demand for people to fill these roles, expertise in the trades is a future-proof career.”

To help drive greater access to the necessary education and resources, Thumbtack will pilot its Tools of the Trade Mentorship Sessions to connect the next generation of workers with local service business owners. Thumbtack’s top pros in a variety of trades from HVAC to plumbing will offer free virtual mentoring sessions focused on starting and running your own local service business to help young adults learn about careers in the trades. The program will be led by members of Thumbtack’s new, inaugural Pro Advisory Board.

“Starting your own business can be intimidating, particularly for women in the trades who are entering a traditionally male-dominated field,” said Brittney Workman, founder of female-owned plumbing company Trade Pros and Thumbtack Pro Advisor. “My hope as a small business owner is to provide more readily-available support for the next generation, encouraging them to leave their comfort zone and explore different career paths. There will inevitably be roadblocks when starting your own business or learning a new trade and having a mentor can be a crucial part of successfully making that leap.”

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The Thumbtack report is a positive sign for the future of the skilled trades. With young adults increasingly interested in these careers, and with the support of programs like Thumbtack’s Tools of the Trade Mentorship Sessions, the skilled trades are well-positioned to continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.

For more information please visit: Future of Skilled Trades Report.

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