This Recruiter’s LinkedIn Profile is Singularly Perfect

LinkedIn profiles are a dime a dozen these days but sometimes you discover one that is different and stands out.

My newest connection Duarte Mendonca, the Director of Talent Acquisition for FTD in Chicago caught my eye this week after sending an invite. He will be an upcoming guest on the RecTech Podcast but in the meantime I wanted to break down why I love his profile so much.

I asked him via chat why he crafted it this way. He told me it was intentional, designed to send a message.

I want people to understand why I might be stalking their profile and in hopes to make any potential conversation easier to start.

His profile is one that is singularly great because it is all about recruiting for his current employer. Let’s break it down.

  1. The cover photo is all about the company he is recruiting for. Its a simple but clear image with the company branding and where to go to apply. Every recruiter on your team should have one like this.
  2. His headline is just awesome: Cut me, I will bleed Talent Acquisition – I mean that is truly bold and different. Love the creativity.
  3. He lists his email in the summary which makes it easy to contact him. Every recruiter should make themselves as accessible as possible in today’s tight labor market.
  4. He even tells you why he might be looking at your profile, something I always wonder about when I go to look at my own profile’s viewers.

After reading this go take a look at your team’s profiles. It’s always a good idea to refresh them to align with your company’s recruiting mission. Like I say all the time, you should always be recruiting.

Chris Russell

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