TechScreen to let Staffing Firms private-label screening tool

MANSFIELD, MA – Techscreen, Inc., the world’s only SaaS solution that guides a recruiter through conducting and documenting a detailed interview of an IT candidate, has announced a new initiative to help IT staffing companies deliver a higher level of service to their clients.

TechScreen is allowing staffing clients to private-label their application instance, putting the staffing client’s logo on the UI of the application and the PDF of the interview result. The move, however, is not just a cosmetic enhancement.

“We understand that staffing companies are not always accorded the same level of deference as management consulting firms like Accenture or Sapient,” TechScreen CEO Mark Knowlton said. “We want to help our staffing clients elevate their level of engagement with their customers, so our Custom Interview interface gives them an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with clients.”

The Custom Interview module allows a business development professional to share a screen that shows the hiring manager specific questions within a skill to create an interview based on the manager’s deliverables.

A job req intake call typically focuses on buzzwords without much context. Now, a staffing sales person can offer their hiring managers libraries from over 90 different IT skills to customize an interview to their needs per position. Managers can even add their own questions if they don’t find it in the TechScreen library. When a custom question gets added to an interview, it gets stored in a private library of custom questions to be re-used by only by that client.

“As a user of TechScreen for the last year, I have seen a major increase in not only the quality of candidates we are able to produce to our clients, but we now have a way for our Recruiters and Sales teams to identify those candidates that should not be forwarded to our clients for review,” Mike Press, VP of Recruiting Operations and Performance at The Judge Group said. “TechScreen allows us to properly vet candidates from an Intermediate or Advanced level while at the same time educating our Recruiters in a variety of technical areas and skill sets.”

The HR Tech industry has seen a huge push to embrace Artificial Intelligence for sourcing and matching, but no one gets hired until a manager makes a decision based on their intuition.

“Managers rely on their own instincts in reading a resume to determine who should get a phone screen,” Knowlton said. “We would rather have them form conclusions from the outcome of an interview they created. Now, a manager who gets a so-so resume of a candidate who got a 94 on an interview they created will be much more likely to interview them.”

The program also has TechScreen generating a private-labeled video with their branding announcing the service offering. The staffing firm can use the 1-minute video as a one-email meeting maker and follow it up by showing the prospect that they can create a custom interview for one of their reqs in 2-3 minutes.

“For the price point and white glove support and service you get from the leadership and technical arms of the TechScreen organization, there is no equal. I look forward to working with Mark and his team to help build TechScreen up and out to make it even better than it already is, which is saying something because it is already very good.”

IT hiring managers love to ask staffing sales professionals, “What makes you guys different?”. We would like our clients to answer that question this way: “We have an application that lets us create a custom interview for each of your requirements. We can show the manager a UI that lets them pick questions out of our library or add their own questions and we send the scored result of the interview with every submittal. Do your other staffing vendors do that?”

Now staffing companies can have clients regard them more like Accenture or Sapient, but without the bill rates.

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