ResumeSieve™ Launches AI-based Candidate Evaluation Platform; Founders Benefits for Early Adopters

Intuitive platform fast-tracks resume assessment and reduces hiring costs by 30%

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – March 22, 2021 – ResumeSieve™ announced the launch of its innovative candidate evaluation platform, The Sieve™.  In addition, the company is offering extended benefits for early adopters of the tool.

“Small businesses need access to affordable, easy-to-use recruiting tools,” said Dr. Mohan Kakar, creator and founder of ResumeSieve™. “We created The Sieve™ to reduce the time spent evaluating resumes.  It was our observation that fatigue, bias and errors during the evaluation process were adversely impacting the ability for organizations to recruit the right talent. We decided to use AI based automation for evaluating resumes and providing quick insights to recruiters that would otherwise take them a significant amount of time and effort.”  

“Our approach is to present easy-to-use, cost effect tools to the SMB market around the world,” said Michael Yinger, CEO of The Sieve™ who has spent 20 years driving improvements for the recruitment industry. “Starting with The Sieve™ we plan to provide ongoing innovative talent evaluation solutions that are not available in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) space.”

During this time of changing employment due to COVID-19, hundreds of resumes are coming in for each position. The Sieve™ shaves hours of time typically spent in manual resume sorting and evaluation, allowing recruiters to process candidates faster, manage more requisitions, and identify higher-quality hires. Users of the application estimate that The Sieve™ increases recruiter productivity by up to 70%, improves speed to hire by 35% and reduces hiring costs by 30%. 

Recruiters, hiring managers and related HR personnel may sign up for The Sievehere.  The application is offered with a free trial period and Founder’s Pricing as part of this initial launch.

About the ResumeSieve™ Organization
As a company, ResumeSieve™ develops tools designed to enhance traditional recruiting models and deliver the best talent to the organization.  To learn more about The Sieve™ candidate evaluation platform, visit, or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.


Media Contact: 

Michael Yinger

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