Recruiting is a Great Life Skill

In my chat with Shannon Prichett this week on the RecTech Podcast, the last question asked her really caught my ear. I wanted to hear her advice for a new grad thinking about getting into recruiting. Here’s what she said;

I recommend recruiting and sourcing for every college grad, i think everyone should be a recruiter. It’s a good life skill you learn how to interview how to research, how to engage with people you learn how to communicate…not only you get a preview of nearly every single job that’s out there…

So when people are confused about picking a career im like hey go work for a staffing agency and be a recruiter, it’s good money and you get to see what else is out there

I wish there was something in colleges that could sell our profession to many people…its phenomenal. But my biggest advice to them is don’t be afraid to fail…and Do fail…

I was the worst recruiter when i started…i thought a java developer was someone who worked at starbucks….i would spam candidates! I was such a bad spammer…i could find a resume, upload it to our ATS, send them an email and leave a voicemail in 30 seconds…

I thought it was a numbers game…i could barely pronounce boolean, you know, i was a terrible researcher and through doing it wrong i began to realize i could serve my clients so much better and led to me becoming a really good sourcer and eventually a recruiter.

Its a great profession i hope we get more people to join the ranks.

Listen to the full conversation below. This question comes in around the 30 minute mark

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