Recap of #SRSC in Philadelphia

If its early August you can usually find me on summer vacation. But not this year.

Instead I hopped an Amtrak train down to Philly to attend the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference held at the Doubletree on Broad Street.

Roughly 150-200 practitioners and a small number of vendors outside the keynote area attended and it was all emceed by diversity expert/podcaster Torin Ellis. I already have some audio from the event on the RecTech Podcast.

Alison Kruse, Marketing Director at Kforce spoke about creating content for employers;

  • Candidates use 12-18 pieces of content before applying to your job
  • Must understand the people you are targeting, personas
  • Utility X inspiration X empathy = quality content
  • Content mapping allows you to prioritize the content you create
  • Utility = help candidates unburden, help them with useful content
  • Every month: Testimonials, office photos, etc each month – they have an analytics party and review content performance
  • Content can help advance the right fit people to the next stage in journey by aligning what matters to them
  • Inspiration: no stock photos!
  • People want to know who really works there
  • Your content should be designed for mobile…break it into chunks
  • Replace I or We with YOU to shift to the candidates POV (pic)
  • Suggest content for your employees to share…will amplify its reach
  • Fight recruiter spam…i’m hiring… i’m hiring….stop!
  • Content Ratio 1:5 1 is job post 5 is other content
  • Create candidate journey content map …start small be realistic about pace
  • Per day: LI 1- 3x per day, twitter more often, Fb less so

Alyssa Gioscia, Senior Client Success Manager, CareerArc spoke on Walking the Talent Tech Tightrope: Balancing Automation & Personalization in the Candidate Experience 

  • 82% of candidates are frustrated with an overly automated recruiting experience
  • Replace human interaction where it doesn’t make sense: Where to automate: social job distribution, feedback to candidates on process and timeline
  • Automation aids transparency, saves recruiters time, keeps things moving and everyone in the loop
  • Makes sense in social job distribution, text to apply, resume screening, first rd interviews (scheduling)…
  • Half of candidates never hear back upon applying
  • Acknowledge receipt of resume, declines candidates and offer transition assistance (example: Rejobify)
  • 92% of ppl would consider changing jobs if offered a role with comp who had a great reputation
  • By investing in EB you can reduce turnover by 28% (office Vibe)
  • Responding to  Glassdoor review can enhance your rep with candidates
  • EVP: conduct an employer brand audit check GD, survey employees etc
  • Leverage current employees—advocacy—50% of your employees are already talking about your comp on social media
  • Candidates trust what your employees say vs your career site content
  • Promote what candidates will learn and how they can grow
  • Use more video 30 sec or less
  • Engage ppl with imagery…memes, pugs, hedgehog babies
  • Reuse/recycle your best content
  • Takes 10 touchpoints for active candidate to engage with you…for passives its more like 17 times
  • Have a call to action

Kerry Noone, Employment Branding & Recruitment Marketing at CVS spoke on how they communicate with heart.

  • They track EVERYTHING @KerryNoone with over 130K new hires a year and 2M applicants,
  • Email campaign sent to 2.1 million, they received 803 applicants in the first hour
  • They have a talent community
  • Empowers recruiters with data conversion rates etc
  • Career site : google cloud search, real employees video on home page, areas of interest…
  • Candidate are surveyed about career site experience
  • Job seekers dont necessarily understand what it means to “work with urgency” JDs need to explain it better
  • Her team uses Asana to manage and track everything in Recruitment Marketing
  • Leveraging Altru for intern videos
  • 2 twitter feeds one just for all job postings…@cvshealthjobs vs @cvscareers
  • Returning visits page was 2nd most trafficked, 3rd most was the how to apply page
  • Use Olivia chatbot for engagement for all jobs to answer FAQs, benefits
  • They still do paper flyers with QR codes tracked thru

Crystal Miller Lay, CEO, Branded Strategies spoke about Omni Channel Recruitment Strategies.

  • Multi channel is a challenge to manage and setup
  • Over 80% of your candidates leave your careers site without applying the first time around.
  • suggests looking at unique places to reach your candidates. Highlighting @Spotify which offers affordable ad pricing for recruitment marketing. 
  • You don’t want #candidates to see the same content on every channel. You want to tell a story that unfolds across your channels

Abby Cheesman from Skill Scout gave a great talk on DIY Job Videos 

  • They have done 1500 videos and counting
  • Job post vs reality of the job…be real
  • Only 1% of job postings have visuals
  • Candidates will look at your job desc for 7-8 secs
  • They did the SAC wireless tower video that got 500k views
  • Video should show you everything about the job so you can make a good decision to apply
  • SAC launched it in a company town hall which sped the sharing of it
  • Candidates look at a job 3x longer if it has video
  • We are wired for stories
  • Be specific, be authentic, 2 min or less… avg view time 1:35
  • Focus on top 2-3 tasks, minimize talking heads 
  • Variety of shots/angles
  • 55% of active job seekers say employee-generated content is more credible and trustworthy. 
  • Film horizontally, only need a few things tripod, mic, phone
  • Great question to ask: what surprised you the most about your job?
  • If DIY, Dont let HR person interview employee, let their peers do it for a more authentic conversation

Panel Discussion: Empowering the Candidate Experience…Led by Gerry Crispin

  • Candidate experience has really grown in importance to TA over past 2 years
  • Apply to your own jobs and your competitor jobs to see how you compare
  • Try to personalize the candidate experience more …if they like LaCroix be sure to give them one
  • Setting candidate expectations is critical to an improved experience
  • Measurement: stories that you hear, reviews, candidate survey
  • Even having a bottle of water for the candidate at the interview improves the candidate experience. Interviewing can be stressful, and little touches like this can make a strong impression on the candidate.

The Four Pillars of Talent Attraction from Josh Gampel, CEO, Recruitics

Top of funnel: Companies spend half their budget on ads that don’t work 80% jobs /49% budget /2% jobs

  • Pillar 1 progranmmatic
  • Pillar 2 targeted advertising
  • Pillar 3 employer brand
  • Pillar 4 sourcing and engagement
  • Need to be able to measure –foundational element #1
  • Why dies someone need to work for you EVP messaging –foundational element #2
  • 7 years ago there were only 3 ppc sites now a ton across the industry
  • Look at non converting jobs getting traffic but not enough applies…
  • Drive enagement with candidates who express interest…then nurture them over time (talent network)
  • Use social to capture “leads” not resumes
  • 64% of seekers research a company before applying
  • 37% say they will move on to another company if they cant find any info on you…you need more branding
  • Pic of takeaways

Talent Architecture: How Wayfair Designs Talent Acquisition to Scale by Elliott Garlock, Global Head of Employer Branding, Wayfair

  • Recruiting at scales gone from 5k employees to 15k in 3 years
  • Wayfair is a data driven biz unit
  • Organized like traditional dept but they hire non traditional people to run it
  • Redesigning their talent architecture and layer diff tech on top of it
  • First step collect the data about employees, candidates and prospects
  • Then need strategy for the data
  • Have to strike the right balance of tech/marketing/sales
  • Got to spread the word about why you should come work there
  • Multiple brand messages to diff candidate types
  • You need 3 key pieces, HCM (employees) ATS Candidates CRM prospects
  • Wayfair has team on content specialists to feed their social media
  • Did a session on Quora about what its like to be a data scientist on the site…hundreds of thousands of views
  • Investing heavily into programmatic advertising via (Joveo)
  • For a Berlin Engineering job campaign – 3 months, 10k spend
  • 17,212k clicks, 1712 aps, 8 hires
  • They also do a l lot of outdoor media with QR codes
  • 17 applies off an ad on a street sign!!!
  • Rely heavily on outbound, they have tons of LI seats
  • Just hired a video guy from nbc who’s made 15 videos in 15 days…head of content is from newspaper.
  • They are a “Content animal…3 long form blog posts targeted to tech candidates…
Their next events will be held in January 2020. Go here to learn more.

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