More Important Than Ever – Applicant Communication

By Shawna Armstrong

Talk about recruitment and sourcing strategy to find great candidates is seeming a bit tone deaf when we are 8 months into a pandemic and the US unemployment rate is over 10%.  There are plenty of great candidates out there looking for work, unemployed despite their best qualifications and achievements.

For Recruiters alone, a quick search of US Recruiter jobs on LinkedIn, sorted by most recent yielded a top result for a position posted 31 minutes ago with 308 applicants (just on the LinkedIn posting)!  This is a pretty dismal level of competition and can feel like a seemingly hopeless situation for those looking for work.

When you factor in the long-standing widespread Recruitment industry issue of lack of communication in the hiring process – you’ve got insult being added to injury.  Now more than ever, it is time to do something about it.  Just about every ATS has workflow configuration options that allow for automated emails to follow candidate status dispositions.

If you are fortunate enough to be employed, are working in or near the recruitment industry and want to be a good human being:

  1. Take down positions that are filled or are not for immediate hire
  2. Tweak your ATS or process to include communication for every step and status
  3. Stay on top of your pipeline and disposition applicants timely so they know where they stand

Here are some additional benefits and strategies for handling rejected candidates in a positive way.

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