How One RPO Leverages AI in Recruiting

A technology that doesn’t need to rest, that never makes a mistake, automation is the new norm these days. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is gaining more and more attention every year.

The automation of processes becomes possible due to AI’s ability to analyze big data and quickly estimate available options. Unless you are living under a rock, you would have heard how artificial intelligence is and will affect the Recruitment Process. AI technologies become widely used not only in IT but also in marketing and development.

There’s no surprise some companies have started using AI solutions in recruitment, trying to automate the recruiting process and to discover new ways of hiring talent because AI is acquiring the market and it is also changing the structure of running our business. Artificial Intelligence is probably the Most important recruitment technology solutions you’ll kick yourself for knowing and using.

AI technologies look so promising because they allow recruiters to get unified profiles from massive unstructured data sets, matching skill sets required for a certain position with a candidate’s job profiles. AI technology allows companies to target certain segments with higher recruiting needs. By Artificial Intelligence, the whole process can be divided into several stages automatically. Recruiters can collect more data of each candidate and evaluate candidates more effectively There are many AI-based solutions that help assess the skills and experience of candidates using special algorithms. In addition, AI software demonstrates a higher level of accuracy compared to human recruiters. This software only needs a few seconds to analyze a large amount of data.

50% of companies are expecting that by 2022, their full-time workforce will be somewhat reduced by automation. In the RPO industry, the effect of AI is not like a short film. Artificial intelligence is expected to take over 15% of the recruitment process in the next 10 years.

In future Recruitment will have more automation just like everything else. But the automation must be careful and intentional. It can’t be a horse race to see who can use more automation. It’s all about crafting an experience for each and every candidate and to give them a specific amount of technology with an equal amount of human touch.

Artificial Intelligence undoubtedly will transform the way companies do their hiring. India’s Top leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing company Principle RPO has also adopted a few of these changes, tools, and technologies of Artificial Intelligence which are uniquely positioned to help and lead the RPO industry, and our clients are through these Artificial Intelligence’s changes. Since we have multiple strengths to help them- 

  • The vast amount of data: AI wouldn’t perform well without data. Principle RPO has a vast amount of data to perform every task of AI very well. Also, have a heavy amount of candidates pool available in our ATS with a combination of different skill set like DBA, ERP, developers, testers. By using ATS we get a faster response in terms of quality candidates and submitting the candidates in turn around time. The RPO industry has terrific access to data to feed the AI systems. Unlike the proper human-based companies have a lack of time and technologies, there could be lots of time and management issues.
  • The main focus on Candidate’s Experience: Principle RPO has Implemented internal ATS. Our ATS has different features that filter the candidates on different parameters like key skills, location and provides a precise result with the best candidates. We maintain our ATS on a daily basis and we always put the niche skill candidates. Principle RPO believes in designing the right candidature and in providing the best candidate to our client by recognizing their skills through their strengths and technical analysis done through our AI-based applications, hence we are leading in the RPO industry by the successful execution of the projects.
  • Expertise team to get the job done: Our model features a dedicated team of expert recruiters in three critical areas: sourcing, operations, and recruiting. Each specialist team uses AI and focuses solely on ensuring our clients have a strong pipeline of top talent to help drive success in the marketplace. Principle RPO utilizes Artificial Intelligence in sourcing methodology and a suite of technology tools that integrate high touch with high tech to deliver process excellence, high productivity, lower cost, improved retention, and great experiences for hiring managers and candidates. Principle RPO has the experienced professionals with access to leading AI-related job boards, VMS systems, marketing strategies, data scientists and recruiting concierges designing, redesigning and executing customized experiences for candidates.

According to the Various Market Analysis: 
According to Forbes, AI has the power to assess everything from innate empathy and politeness to attention to detail and cultural fit, thanks to its natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning algorithms. With the rise of artificial intelligence, companies should be considered investing in technologies that simplify the hiring process.

According to Korn Ferry Global Survey of 770 acquisitions talent professionals, 63% of the respondents mentioned that AI has changed their ways of recruitment while 69% believed that AI has enabled them to find more qualified candidates. 

  • Accountability of Results: All RPO’s has its own functionality, processes, proprietary strategies, philosophies, and techniques. Principle RPO knows perfectly about the critical differentiator. That’s why Principle RPO protects and secures the knowledge it gains from the recruiter’s successful behaviors, distinctive preferences and gets better results. This is the hard-earned success of our company.

“We are always open to feedback from our clients since we think that this two-way communication is key to improvement and excellence.” Principle RPO Group, Service Delivery Manager, Vinay Kumar Mishra said.

“There is a realization that an RPO provider’s job does not stop at hiring but reaches deep into the on boarding process to ensure the best fit,” Principle RPO Group, Managing Director, Sahil Dhamija said.

About Principle RPO : 
Principle RPO is a global service provider of Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing for more than a decade with Headquarters in Manhattan, New York & Centers of Expertise (COEs) based out of Noida in India.

Our strategy is focused on results-driven RPO services and Solutions applicable to a diverse range of organizations. We have the resources and talent to manage the recruitment process from the beginning to the end. We also manage your recruitment needs, both locally and globally.

With more than 100 clients, Principle RPO has become a trusted source for its global business partners, delivering customized and turnkey recruitment and talent acquisition programs.

For more information, visit our website at

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