EASYRECRUE launches its Talent Experience Platform

Since 2013, EASYRECRUE has been challenging the HR Tech sector with its innovative digital solutions, including its flagship solution for pre-recorded video interviews. Today, the software company offers a unique Talent Experience platform to optimize the candidate and employee experience, from recruitment to internal mobility. 

PARIS – EASYRECRUE’s mission is to help HR teams optimize the talent lifecycle every step of the journey, from candidate engagement to employee career development. 

Introducing the Talent Experience Platform 

Since entering the market with pre-recorded videos, EASYRECRUE has expanded its product suite with online language assessments, live interviews, and a chatbot, among others, to facilitate the work of recruiters and improve the candidate’s career path. Integrating artificial intelligence into these products has boosted their efficiency, freeing up valuable time for HR teams to focus on higher value-added tasks. In 2019, the ambition to enhance the talent experience, by bringing these new solutions together onto a single platform for greater performance and simplicity, became a reality. 

Today, EASYRECRUE’s Talent Experience Platform is organized around four modules: Engage, Interview, Assess and Develop. Each module tackles key touchpoints between talents and HR teams. The EASYRECRUE platform connects to HR teams’ usual HRIS, allowing them to optimize the talent experience, for both candidates and employees. 

The ENGAGE module attracts and directs candidates to relevant open positions thanks to the chatbot, building shortlists of qualified candidates. Applicants can also be automatically invited to an interview through an online appointment planner. Recruiters save precious time and candidates glide through a seamless experience. The entire pre-selection phase is digitized with the INTERVIEW module, in order to speed up the hiring process while allowing the recruiter to keep full control of her calendar. 

The ASSESS module follows the same goal of simplifying processes for both parties. ASSESS provides business and language skills assessment tests that can be taken online, 24/7. Finally, DEVELOP, an internal career management tool to empower employees in their professional development, completes the suite. This module enables HR to optimize learning management systems and workforce planning. 

Consolidated positioning, same values 

EASYRECRUE has constantly improved its offer through innovations and acquisitions while remaining true to its DNA: designing solutions for customers and their talents, making the most of technology to enhance the human value. Mickaël Cabrol, CEO and founder of EASYRECRUE, is proud to announce the launch of their new website. After six years of activity and continuous growth, we have decided to redesign our offer to better meet the needs of HR teams for whom the candidate and employee experience is a priority. EASYRECRUE in 2019 is a new platform to help attract the 

best talents and identify the skills to be acquired in order to build the best possible team, whether they are future hires or people on their way to a promotion!” 


EASYRECRUE helps HR professionals provide a unique candidate and employee experience while liberating them from low added-value tasks. Our Talent Experience Platform, delivering a chatbot, interview scheduler, AI-driven video interviewing, language assessments and career management solution, allows our customers to optimize and digitalize their hiring, internal mobility and employee career development. Over 450 customers, including UPS, McDonalds, Volkswagen and ING Bank, use our platform on a daily basis and nearly 1 million candidates and employees have used it to further their career ambitions. www.easyrecrue.com 


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